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Are Chai eggs more nutritious than ordinary eggs? How much do you know about eggs

eggs have a high nutritional value. Eggs are very helpful for improving the function of the nervous system! So, eggs are the best natural brain tonic! So, which is more nutritious than the common eggs? How much do you know about eggs? Come and have a look.

are Chai eggs more nutritious than ordinary eggs? Chai egg, also known as native egg, is the egg laid by the scattered chickens at home. Its nutritional value is not as high as people think. The reason lies in that the native chickens in the real sense should be completely scattered. They only eat insects, weeds and other natural food in the forest every day.

This kind of chicken lays smaller eggs because of its unbalanced nutrition, but because the native chicken eats more green leafy vegetables, and the content of carotenoids and vitamin B2 in the yolk is high, the yolk is larger and darker.

In addition to the eggs laid by the local chickens raised by themselves, most of the firewood eggs that are commonly produced in batches on the market now are laid by the local chickens.

In some chicken farms, layers are released to let them move freely in the woods and cotton fields. They eat some natural food like native chickens and feed a certain amount of feed at the same time to ensure the nutrition balance of layers.

There is not much difference between this kind of eggs and Chai eggs, but the price is cheaper than pure Chai eggs and much more expensive than ordinary eggs. What we call ordinary eggs are the eggs laid by cage chickens, which are the common eggs sold at a relatively low price on the market. They only eat feed.

The scientific formula of feed can also contain a variety of food and nutrients, so the nutrition of this egg is no worse than the two, but the price is the cheapest.

matters needing attention:

There are different nutritional values. As for which one is better, there is no difference in nutritional value