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How to do static electricity when depilating in winter? These tips teach you how to get rid of stati

when it comes to static electricity, it's common for clothes to have static electricity in winter. I don't know how many people have been electrified by themselves and others. It's hard to be electrified in a moment when they are in contact with people. How to deal with the static electricity in winter sweaters? Do you have any good tricks?

A quick way to remove static electricity from clothes

Anion comb

And now there are a lot of negative ion devices to remove static electricity, such as our common negative ion comb, which can play this role. Comb the clothes, especially the sweaters. It can eliminate a lot of static electricity.

Body Lotion

If our skin is dry, it's easy to cause static electricity when we wear chemical fiber materials such as stockings or leggings. Therefore, the fairies who like to wear stockings in winter, the best way is to rub the body lotion, or gently rub a layer of lotion on the stockings, they won't have static electricity. The embarrassment of skirt sticking to Leggings can also be eliminated.


The fairies prepare a spray tank, add one or two drops of perfume and water to mix the spray cans, spray them on the clothes with static electricity at any time, keep the humidity free from static electricity, and the clothes are fragrant. This perfume spray can not only help you get rid of static electricity, but also help you smell bad after hot pot.

Air humidification

Static electricity is easy to produce and accumulate in dry environment. Therefore, when the clothes are often static, it may be that the air in the living and working environment is too dry, so you should humidify the air. You can spray mist on the air, use a humidifier, place a water basin directly, or spray water directly.

Fabric softener soaking

The most common way to remove static electricity is to Soak clothes with fabric softener when washing. At the same time, the fabric softener generally does not need to be cleaned again. It can be directly dried.

Hide a pin in the clothes

Insert a metal pin into the seam of the garment. The metal releases the charge that accumulates in the clothing, so that you don't get electricity or get the clothing adsorbed on the skin. Attach the pin to the seam or any covered area of the garment. Avoid placing it in front of or near the exposed seam edge of the garment, and keep it out of your sight so that no one else can see it.

Put a metal thimble on your thumb

Touch anything with a thimble before touching it.

Like other ways of using metals, the principle here is to avoid static electricity by releasing electric charges. If you don't have a metal thimble, touching any metal object can do the same.

If you don't want to walk around with a metal thimble on your thumb, you can put it in your pocket and take it out if necessary. This method can also help reduce the static electricity that accumulates in your clothes as you walk around.

It should be noted that this method is more effective in avoiding electrostatic shock (electric shock) than in preventing electrostatic adsorption, however, it can also help prevent clothes from adsorbing on the skin.

Vitamin and acid food antistatic

As the accumulation of static electricity in the body leads to the alkalinity (PH) of blood, more foods containing vitamin C, a and E and acidic foods should be added to neutralize the increase of blood alkalinity caused by static electricity. Drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, hairtail, turtle and other foods that can increase skin elasticity and moisture retention, maintain electrolyte balance in human body, resist cell oxidation and protect normal cell membrane potential.

Remember to wash hands after using electronic products

The static charge generated by household appliances will be absorbed and accumulated by the human body. When you turn off the TV and leave the computer, you should wash your hands and face immediately to let the static charge on the skin surface release in the water.

Frequent bathing and changing clothes can effectively eliminate the static electricity accumulated on the surface of human body

In people's daily life, sometimes due to wearing, climate, friction and other reasons, the body often accumulates static electricity, and when the metal is suddenly touched, it will cause the pain of electric shock, and sometimes even cause some psychological pressure. If you temporarily avoid contact with the iron, your body may accumulate more electric charges, sooner or later you will receive more electric shocks.

Avoid chemical fiber products

Chemical fiber clothes are easy to produce static electricity by rubbing with human body. Therefore, in the dry autumn and winter season, we should try to avoid wearing close fitting clothes made of chemical fiber materials, preferably wearing clothes that are not easy to generate static electricity, such as cotton, silk and hemp. Pure natural fabrics can largely avoid static electricity.

Wipe with wet towel

In the case of urgent time to go out, you can use a clean wet towel to wipe your clothes.

Avoid contact with ironware

In daily life, people often accumulate static electricity in their bodies due to wearing, climate, friction and other reasons. When they suddenly touch metal, they will feel the pain of electric shock. If they temporarily avoid contacting iron, they may accumulate more electric charge, sooner or later, they will receive more electric shock.