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Why is Lijiang pomegranate so hot? Brother pomegranate's personal data is an English teacher

brother pomegranate is in hot search today. As a responsible online red, online red should have a sense of responsibility. Is it a positive energy burst? Is it necessary to brush up this pomegranate brother recently? Pure English makes a lot of people envious. Many people go there for fame. Trembling net red pomegranate brother fire, net red pomegranate brother is not autistic, but English teacher, at night in the Furuki Chuyoshi market stalls selling pomegranate, Lijiang pomegranate brother selling pomegranate lines make people feel very cute, Lijiang pomegranate brother how red?

Who is brother pomegranate in Lijiang

Vibrant account "Lijiang pomegranate elder brother" recently fire, little brother because in Lijiang stalls selling pomegranate, every time when selling pomegranate, sincere and simple language infected many netizens, attracted the attention of passers-by, some people made it into video to vibrate, so Lijiang pomegranate brother is red, now many people have to go to Lijiang to see pomegranate brother. After "Xiaotiantian", brother pomegranate is another one that makes netizens say "because you and I want to come to Lijiang".

Vibrato pomegranate brother has autism?

No, brother pomegranate is just cute. There are not so many professional words in the promotion of products, because every time she behaves like a child, she looks like a child. In fact, the real occupation of others is English teacher! In class in the day, sell pomegranate at night stall, don't misunderstand!

Many people feel naive because they see the video of brother pomegranate's popularity. However, this is the reason why brother pomegranate is so popular. Many netizens say it's lovely after watching it. A little friend who went to the scene revealed that brother pomegranate in Lijiang is located in Zhongyi market of Lijiang ancient city. Tourists can buy it in Lijiang, so that he can sell it out early and go home early.

How does the pomegranate brother tremble?

Every time brother pomegranate sells pomegranates, it's not like other businesses selling their own pomegranates, which are very good and sweet. Instead, he says that he wants to sell them and go home early. This theory attracts netizens to shout "cute!" if you think it's a little expensive, you can try to tell me a little price and I'm willing to sell it, because I want to go home. I'm finished. Would you like to try some, thank you. 'sell it out early, go home early, such a lovely pomegranate brother, do you have the heart to refuse? More netizens named pomegranate brother' Han brother ', it looks cute!

This brother Li Jiang pomegranate is very simple and honest. He talks cute and funny. It's also a way for him to sell pomegranates. In fact, Lijiang's pomegranate brother is really called Jin Guowei, who is an English teacher in the daytime, selling pomegranates in the market of Zhongyi market in the evening. "I have recently become the first voice of the Internet," said pomegranate, who has always been determined to contribute to the positive publicity of Lijiang. In the trembling commentary 'because you want to come to Lijiang', this has exceeded 1 million.