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What's the moral of Swarovski's demon eye? Does the devil's eye look good

Swarovski's devil's eye is exquisitely made and inlaid with diamonds. Swarovski's necklace is a necklace brand that many people prefer. What's the meaning of this year's New Devil's eye?

What does the devil's eye mean

The devil's eye is also called the Turkish eye, which means to protect and keep bad things out. Miranda Kerr's original design is to bring good luck to his loved ones. Created by Miranda Kerr and Swarovski, this duo Evil Eye Pendant with multiple layers adds mystery to the look. The two devil's eyes of the pendant are decorated with dense blue, black and transparent imitation crystal, and rose gold-plated metal, and are matched with a rose gold-plated chain decorated with dark blue imitation crystal. Super beautiful crystal pendant, a crystal dream of Yuanmei paper!

The eyes of the Turkish devil

There is a legend that, a long time ago, in a small village by the sea, a huge stone stood by the sea for many years, which could not be moved or broken with the strength of a hundred people. One day, a man who was thought to be carrying evil spirits passed by the village. When he saw the stone, the man was surprised and said: 'God, such a big stone! "Who knows that the voice just fell, accompanied by a huge roar, this magical boulder cracked, and then split into two. It is believed that the power of the evil spirit and the boulder offset each other, and the function of the stone is completed, which may be the origin of the Nazar bonchuk.

Devil's eye, also known as evil eye and blue eye, is a traditional evil shelter in Turkey and a souvenir with local characteristics. Devil's eye is a kind of glass product. It is a round piece of glass in light blue or dark blue, with a little white in the middle and a little black on the top. Of course, there are many changes, such as inlaid in different shapes of the shell or made into water drop shape, love shape. Fishing ornaments, wind bells, hand chains and necklaces are all popular devil eye shapes.

Devil's eye is also the most evil thing. This is the witchcraft originated from Gypsy in the Middle East. If you hang a devil's eye at home or on your body, you can absorb the evil spirit and jealousy of outsiders. But after a period of time, when the evil spirit has gathered to a certain amount, you must send it away, but it is the way to transfer the gift. You can't throw it away directly.

Nazar boncuk, which is called "turkey blue eyes" by many people, is a widely spread culture in Turkey. In daily life, the word Nazar is often used to describe inexplicable disasters. If a normal person suddenly becomes blind, or if a woman and a girl's next healthy baby die inexplicably, people will say that it is the power of evil eyes. This small stone is considered to be an object to resist evil spirits. People call it Nazar boncuk, which is why newborn babies in Turkey will be put on a small bracelet or a brooch.

In Turkey, people can see a beautiful thing in their homes, shops, taxis and airplane cabins: a small light blue glass is covered in a large blue glass, and a small black glass block like a black eyeball is embedded in the light blue glass. This is what the Turks call the devil's eye. The Chinese call it the blue eye. People like blue eyes and believe that they can ward off evil spirits.

Evaluation of devil's eyes

The quality is also good. It's in good condition after a year. There are four buttonholes at the back to adjust the length. It's beautiful to have a bracelet in the same style. Full marks for small details? It's very nice to match! Jewelry is mainly love, bath, exercise, sleep, take off, spray perfume and so on to avoid, can increase the service life. This is a gift for yourself on Valentine's day. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I received the goods these days. It's 555 RMB, which is a good deal to start with.

I like Miranda Kerr very much, so when I see this necklace, I think it's very different. It has a sense of design. I see it at a glance! I believe many people like this one more because they think it's a good moral. They keep bad luck out and leave it to themselves and loved ones. In spring and summer, I especially like to wear necklaces. They look exquisite when decorated.