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How to distinguish the true from the false of double faced cashmere coat? What's the difference betw

Cashmere coat and wool coat, many people will be foolishly indistinguishable! Winter cashmere coat is a kind of warm clothing that many people like. It is warm and light, but there are also some illegal businesses that use wool instead of cashmere. How to identify the true and false of double-sided cashmere coat? Xiaobian will teach you today.

How to distinguish the true from the false of double faced cashmere coat

The first way to distinguish true from false: cashmere coat doesn't play ball

That's not true! Cashmere is a thin layer under the wool. It is very precious. Its price is five or six times that of wool. Good cashmere fabrics need to be imported from abroad. In foreign countries, cashmere coats are only made by luxury brands. A coat of maxmara10% Cashmere needs to be sold for more than 8000 yuan. In domestic shopping malls, a cashmere coat containing 8% - 10% will cost more than 3000 yuan.

Cashmere has the advantages of being thin, soft, warm and suitable for making close fitting articles, but its output is low and its price is high. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to pilling and there is no shape for making overcoats. Therefore, it's not true that there is a salesperson introducing that 'cashmere coat is not pilling' at the sales scene of Hengdian tourist building. Generally speaking, the wool content of 100% is very small. Generally, the price of 100% wool content is at least 3000 on the market. Therefore, before Xiaobian saw the so-called "double-sided cashmere overcoat" with a price of 8900, and the so-called "overcoat with 30% Cashmere" on the market, but the price was below 1000 yuan, which should be carefully selected.

The second way to distinguish true from false: no quality inspection report

There is a suspicion of fakes! All formal cashmere coats will have the official quality inspection report of the quality inspection bureau, indicating the cashmere content. If you don't see the quality inspection report, you'd better not buy it unless you believe it.

The third way to distinguish true from false: cashmere coat with lining

This is a fake! Cashmere is the 'thermal underwear' of goats, which is much better than wool. General woolen coat will add a thick lining, so as to resist the wind and cold. The double-sided cashmere coat is made of two wool fabrics with different textures, which can't find any seams. Because it can't be sewed by machine, it can only be sewed by hand. Its value lies in that the thin two-layer cashmere fabric is sewn into one piece without lining, and the fabric is as delicate, flat and wearable as the front and back, and is very light and thin.

How to distinguish the true and the false of double faced cashmere coat

1. View logo

All cashmere coats will have a trademark indicating the cashmere content. If cashmere is blended with wool, it will also indicate the wool content. It is the same with other fabric blends, which will be marked out. If not, it may be fake, so you need to purchase carefully.

2. See the luster

Put the cashmere coat under the light or other bright places, the real good cashmere coat has bright color, uniform color, fine wool quality, full suede, and will be a little shiny under the light. If you look carefully, you will find that there is a thin layer of fine wool on the surface of the cashmere coat. The horizontal and vertical coils are relatively uniform, which will be more obvious under bright light. You can also check the density of cashmere overcoats. Good cashmere overcoats have clear and neat lines and are not easy to show light. A good cashmere coat not only requires a good cashmere purity, but also requires a certain amount, which is also an important sign to judge the quality of cashmere coat.

3. Touch texture

Cashmere coat is soft, smooth and comfortable, and poor cashmere or wool coat is rough. But there are some cashmere sweaters in the shopping mall, which feel very slippery. After touching them, the fingers rub and feel slippery. It's that the clothes are sprinkled with talcum powder. Be careful to distinguish. It is also possible to stretch the cashmere coat slightly and release it. A good cashmere coat should be restored to its original shape in time, while a poor one is easy to deform due to its loose structure and poor elasticity. Grasp a handful of cashmere in your hand, and then let it go. Cashmere is animal protein, which will immediately restore its flatness and is difficult to wrinkle.

4. To weigh

The coat with high cashmere content is generally not too heavy, and the whole clothing is light and thin, soft and not tied. Because cashmere itself is very light, the thin layer is very warm, but if it is too light, the quantity may be discounted, the manufacturing density may not be enough, and if it is too heavy, it may be mixed with wool.

5. Combustion test

The differences between cashmere and chemical fiber fabrics are as follows:

Cashmere contains a lot of protein. Smell the smell and look at the ash. If there is the smell of burnt feathers, the ash will be crushed as soon as you press it with your fingers, it is pure cashmere. If there is no smell of burnt feathers, the ash will not be crushed or agglomerated, it is chemical fiber fabric.

The difference between cashmere and wool burning is:

When cashmere is burned, it not only gives off the scorching smell of protein and flint, but also burns slowly. After burning, the ash is powdery and crumbles as soon as it is touched. The burning of wool also has the smell of protein and flint, but the fiber ash shrinks into a ball due to the burning of Chinese fiber.

6. Friction static electricity inspection

Rub the cashmere overcoat on the pure cotton shirt for about 5 minutes, and then quickly separate from each other. If there is no "pa pa" sound, it is a real cashmere overcoat; if there is "pa pa" sound, even with electrostatic spark, it is a chemical fiber fabric, which is a fake cashmere overcoat.

Two ways to identify cashmere coat

1. Send to quality inspection department for identification:

Cut part of the fabric, or use the small fabric presented by the coat to send it to the fiber inspection office of the local Quality Supervision Bureau for identification. Of course, this identification needs money. If you are not sure about your cashmere coat, you can also try it.

2. Self identification:

The first step is to find the warp and weft threads of several fabrics;

The second step is to light a fire and smell the smell of burnt feathers;

The third step is to twist the ashes by hand. If the ashes are easily crushed and the particles are small and even, it means that they are genuine, otherwise they are fake.

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