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How to distinguish eggs? What is the skill of selecting eggs

With people's increasing attention to nutrition supplement, in addition to ordinary eggs, in recent years, there are a variety of new nutritional health eggs on the market, which dazzles many consumers, so how to choose eggs? What is the skill of selecting eggs?

1. Appearance method

There is a layer of white frost powder on the shell of the egg, which is not smooth when rubbed by hand. The egg with complete shape is fresh, while the egg with smooth and dark shell, incomplete and cracked is not fresh.

2. Hand shaking

When buying eggs, use your thumb, index finger and middle finger to hold the eggs and shake them. If there is no sound, it's fresh eggs. If you shake the eggs with your hand, it's bad eggs. The louder the sound, the worse it gets.

3. Irradiation

Hold the egg gently with your hand and observe the light. The egg protein is clear and translucent. There is a small empty room at one end, while the bad egg is gray and dark, and the empty room is large. Some eggs have stains, which is a sign of aging or deterioration.

4. Floating method

Take 500g of water and 500g of salt. After melting, put the eggs into the water. The fresh eggs are lying on the bottom of the water, while the ones with the big end on the top and the small end on the bottom are floating a little. The eggs have been put for a long time, and the ones completely floating on the water are bad ones, which are rotten.