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The right way to wash your hair

Besides good figure, a beautiful hair is also a very important highlight. In order to have a black and shiny hair, first we have to start with hair care. To take care of our hair, it is very important to wash it every day. So, do you really know the right way to wash your hair? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

First of all, we'd better choose soft water for hair washing. The water temperature should be about 40-deg. Don't be too hot, or it will damage our scalp. Before using the shampoo, we must fully soak our hair for at least half a minute, so as to remove the dust on the hair and make it more convenient to use the shampoo to wash the hair.

Second, we should choose the right shampoo. First, make bubbles in the palm of the hand and then evenly apply the shampoo on the hair. Never directly apply the shampoo on the top of the head, which will not only make it difficult to evenly open, but also damage the scalp directly contacting too much shampoo.

Third, when we officially start to wash our hair, we need to massage the scalp with our fingers, and comb gently from the root to the tip of the hair, and it can't be as rough as rubbing the grass rope, which will cause damage to the hair quality. The shampoo time is about 5 to 10 minutes,

Then rinse with water. Then wipe the hair roughly with towel to the state of no water dripping, then apply conditioner, massage for three minutes and wash. Don't apply conditioner to the scalp, it will block the pores of the scalp.

Finally, dry your hair with a special shampoo towel. If you really need a hair dryer, wipe most of the water before using it. It is worth noting that do not use hot air blowing too long, overheating. Moreover, if time permits, natural air drying is the best.