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Why do programmers like to wear plaid? Do you take these reasons

No kidding, on the Internet, the image of plaid shirt is probably the same as Virgo and Wuren moon cake, which has been suffering from ridicule and contempt for years. Why do programmers love Plaid so much?

A few years ago, plaid shirt was the standard match for young men of literature and art who girls loved very much. The protagonists of literary novels often wear a plaid shirt. Now, however, the plaid shirt has gradually changed its style. It is no longer popular, but has been hung with the "old man". Loose plaid shirt, a random roll of cuffs, it's so mediocre that it can't be seen in the pile of people, it's so casual that it has no sense of shape, and it doesn't want to go out alone every day, so it's just it & hellip; & hellip; and & hellip; & hellip; you and your whole department's classmates are almost wearing the same style?

Yes, plaid shirt is most popular in schools, especially in science and engineering colleges. In any classroom, when it's time to wear a shirt, it's a common practice to knock on a shirt. Also because every day can see to wear the plaid shirt, so the plaid shirt distance 'has the model to have the style' more and more far.

Tech men and programmers have a particular preference for plaid shirts. Their love has made this innocent piece almost wear the 'work clothes' with industry recognition - and unfortunately, this part of the crowd often still love to leave an untidy impression on the public.

In terms of style, the plaid shirt is roughly divided into large plaid and small plaid. In fact, there are hidden secrets in the lattice. Netizen 'Xia Xia MOE' said: 'the evaluation of a programmer's level depends on the number of squares on his shirt. 'birds of a feather flock together, and people are divided into groups; those who are close to the red and those who are close to the ink will be black; those who are close to the checkered shirt will also wear the checkered shirt.

1. Easy to buy, can save time, price is also suitable for the program ape class.

2. More artistic than T-shirt, more powerful than suit, in line with the temperament of programmers!

3. I don't know why, the program ape looks good at the lattice shirt!