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What's the point of wearing the bracelet? Taboo on wearing the bracelet

When it comes to Chen Chen, many consumers think of recruiting money, so many people like to wear Chen Chen as an ornament on their bodies. What's the point of wearing Chen Chen bracelet? Follow Xiaobian to learn.

1、 Precautions for wearing the bracelet

1. Many people are hesitant about whether to wear it on their left hand or right hand after buying Chen Chen bracelet. In fact, there is a magic saying about Chen Chen. Because Chen Zhao means left in and right out, you should wear it on your left hand. If you take it on your right hand, you want to send your money out.

2. It is understood that Chen should face outward, so as to attract all the money and fortune, which means to bring money and fortune. Therefore, he should pay attention not to face himself. In this way, he will not swallow up his wealth, not only can he not recruit money, but also may break it.

3. The orientation of the thumb is inside, and the orientation of the little thumb is obviously outside. If you want to put Chen Chen's bracelet on your right hand, turn his head to the right, and the right side is actually the outside; if you want to take him on your left hand, turn his head to the left, and the left side is obviously the outside.

4. Chen is a auspicious beast, which has the meaning of helping the fortune. Therefore, it is obvious that the most suitable people to wear are those who do business. They can rely on Chen's financial strength to help you better recruit wealth and stick to it. In addition, children can wear the bracelet. After all, Chen is a auspicious beast. It not only has the meaning of recruiting money, but also can protect children's health.

Two. Pay attention to the method of wearing Bracelet

1. Before wearing and when wearing, you should often touch Chen Chen to make him know that you are his master! Chen Chen's bracelet is particularly taboo to be touched by others. If other people touch it, you should wash it with clear water.

2. Don't pollute your fortune. If you wear it for a long time, dust will appear. You should use rainwater, river water or well water to clean your body. Purification uses the original method of purification, and it is better to use it on the windowsill for direct purification in the night with moon.

3. You may as well wear it with jewelry such as jade, but you should pay attention not to collide with experience to prevent damage.

4. Chen Chen is a kind of spiritual ornament. It can know its owner. It's better not to wear it for a long time after wearing it for the first time.