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Can down coats be washed by washing machine? Can machine wash down clothes explode?

in the cold winter, for the little friends in the north, whether they have already put on the heavy down clothes early, and wrapped them like bears. Although the down clothes are warm, they are difficult to clean. Can down coats be washed in the washing machine? Will it explode?

First of all, of course, it is recommended to wash it by hand if you are good at it, because machine washing may cause damage to the warmth retention and filling of down jacket. Down clothes are generally coated. When they are dried at high speed in the washing machine, the air is not easy to be discharged, which may cause expansion, resulting in a phenomenon similar to 'explosion', which is dangerous. In addition, the down jacket is light and easy to float on the water surface, which not only affects the washing effect, but also may cause damage by friction with the cover when the washing machine is running.

The roller of down jacket with large amount of down filling can be washed (the best with Down Jacket function), and the cheap down jacket with more feathers can be washed carefully. Because the procedure of roller down jacket is very gentle, it is not twisted and pulled, and it is washed by simple wrestling and water jet, and the water temperature is not more than 30-40 ℃. Optional no ironing function can reduce the pile up of down agglomerate after dehydration, use less detergent or special detergent, and rinse twice more manually. After taking out, if there is no obvious caking, it can be dried. If there is caking, it can make down fluffy and keep warm.

Secondly, if the down jacket is not too dirty, dry cleaning can be used. Dip a towel in gasoline and wipe gently at the neckline, cuffs, front, etc. after the oil stain is removed, wipe the gasoline stained part with a dry towel and wear it after the gasoline volatilizes.

If the down jacket is too dirty, the correct washing method:

1. First, prepare a basin of warm water, which is about the same as your hand temperature. Don't overheat it. Put a proper amount of washing powder in the water;

2. Put in the down jacket and soak it for 10 minutes, and then start to clean. Pay attention not to rub the clothes with your hands. The dirty place must be washed with a soft brush or an old toothbrush;

3. After the brush is clean, wring it dry, but do not squeeze the water like twist twist, but press it down, and finally use water again;

4. When cleaning the second time, you can use tips. Add vinegar to the water, and the domestic vinegar will be OK. It's the same as the usual amount of cooking. Put down the down jacket, soak it for 5 to 10 minutes, rub it for a few times, then squeeze the water out along the lines, and hang it to dry;

5. When drying, do not put it under the sun, but in a ventilated place. If it is hung in the bathroom, it will dry in two or three days. After drying, you will find that the clothes are very flat and not fluffy. Another tip: put the clothes on the bed, pat the clothes with a large hanger, and pat them everywhere. Soon you will find that the down jacket has returned to its original clean appearance, without peculiar smell and unsightly stains.