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Do you still need to wash the clothes after the JinFang bubble? Correct use of JinFang

is the frequency of using gold textile increased in winter? JinFang is a kind of fabric softener that many people will use at home. Does it smell very fragrant after washing? The function of JinFang is to prevent static electricity, make clothes fluffy, etc., and it is suitable for cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber, acrylic fiber and other fabrics. So how to use gold spinning?

1. JinFang is not a washing liquid, but a softener. After some clothes are washed, they feel very hard. JinFang is designed to solve this problem. Use softener to make clothes more pliable, so as to prolong the life of clothes and better protect the primary color of clothes.

2. Hand washing

First, clean the clothes with washing liquid or detergent.

Take an empty basin or bucket, add water, and then according to the amount of clothing, add some golden fabric softener, and gently stir.

Throw the clothes into the water and soak for about five minutes. The softener does not need to be cleaned. Take out the soaked clothes directly.

3, machine wash

Before washing, pour the golden fabric care agent into the 'softener injection port' of the washing machine. If there is no special injection port, please dilute it in the last rinse before pouring.

4. Full automatic washing machine: there is a special injection port. Before washing, pour the gold textile into the 'softener injection port' of the washing machine.

Semi automatic washing machine: dilute the gold spinning with small bucket of water, pour it into the washing machine, soak the washed clothes for about 3 minutes, and then dry them.