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How do I dress a sweater? A couple of little tricks

What should I do when I wear sweaters? The favorite thing to wear in autumn and winter is sweaters. However, many sweaters will prick people and make people very uncomfortable. Why do sweaters prick people when I wear them? How can I solve this problem?

Why do sweaters prick people?

There are two reasons for wearing sweaters. One is that the animal hair itself is relatively hard, especially when your sweaters are woven with short hair, the feeling of skin pricking is more obvious. The other is that the animal hair, such as cashmere and wool, is easy to recover from deformation under hot and humid conditions, resulting in intense movement relative to the skin, which makes it feel highly itchy and pricking.

How to deal with sweater binding?

1、 White vinegar + hair lotion + refrigerated

(1) Soak in white vinegar solution

White vinegar can soften the fibers of sweaters and prevent short fibers from being exposed.

If you feel that the sweater is pricked, you can soak it in the solution added with white vinegar, wash it after about 5 minutes, gently squeeze out the excess water, and do not wring it.


1. The sweater should be soaked in cold water or warm water less than 30 deg;

2. Sweaters should not be rubbed or soaked for too long, which will deform and shrink;

3. Do not wring the sweater. Use the net bag to control the moisture.

(2) Hair moistening cream

Hair lotion can make sweaters softer, just as it makes hair softer.

Apply moisturizer to the sweater, stay for about 10 minutes and wash with water. Control the water content of the washed sweater with a mesh bag, and then spread it to a cool and ventilated place to dry.

(3) Refrigerate

Fold the dried sweater into the chain bag, put the bag in the freezer of the refrigerator, take out the sweater one night later, and wear it when the ice is off, then the sweater will not stick.