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Why is Eric Suen so angry recently? Why Eric was banned for 10 years

For the small partners who often brush their voices, the frequency of Eric Suen's recent trembling is not very high. Why is Eric Suen so quiet after so many years?

Speaking of Eric, I think he is very familiar. A very versatile artist, the "Princess Huaiyu" cooperated with his ex girlfriend Zheng Jiayu in acting is a classic, and the "Liu sick" in "Wulong Chuang Qing Guan" is impressive. As a singer, the "love story collection I" has spread to the streets and lanes, and many people can sing a few words.

In addition, Eric's stature and beauty are all first-class, and he never loses. However, when his career just reached its peak, Eric suddenly disappeared, rarely appearing in the public's eyes, which is very surprising. However, during this period, he completed his life event, married his girlfriend Chen Meishi who had been in love for 8 years, and had a very happy life.

Eric Suen, who disappeared nearly 18 years ago, suddenly announced his comeback. He attended many commercial performances. Although he did not show up for a long time, he was still a sea of people at the time of his performance. The video was sent to the jitter and he received a lot of attention. The comments and forwarding were as high as 7 000. Although the equipment and environment of the singing were not very good, the voice was still the same voice.

However, it's surprising that a fan's comment exposed the real reason why he was banned in that year. It turned out that Eric was not willing to accept the Japanese advertising endorsements and offended the economic company, which led to his being banned. But he never mentioned it to the outside world, never deliberately hyped it on this basis. Such a person is worthy of your attention. Eric is 45 years old this year, and I hope he will get better and better in the future

When it comes to the entertainment industry, many people will think of the word "Gui Quan Zhen Luan". The meaning behind the word "Luan" is not only the chaos created by various negative news and gossip, but also the complicated interpersonal relationship of stars. Tear force, derailment, Yanzhao door.... fancy news is common. With the development of social network, people receive more and more information. Stars come out of the camera and appear in our "attention menu". As long as you search for names on the Internet, you can get all kinds of information you want, and stars begin to reveal their true self. The entertainment industry is like a Jianghu, which is prone to sword and sword. When the stars are dazzled by the secret war, people will think: it's time for a change. The "chaos" inside and outside the circle, true and false, in the end, is to provide gossip lovers with after dinner talks, but the real thing that can make the public oral far-reaching impact is those positive energy things and positive force Max stars.