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Which countries in the world celebrate Halloween? How do Westerners spend Halloween

Legend has it that the Celts believed that the dead of the deceased would come out of the graveyard on the night of October 31 to return to the world. Halloween is celebrated in many countries every year. Do you know which countries are it?

Which countries have Halloween and how many countries have Halloween

Halloween originated from religious beliefs and the western ancient calendar (Celtic tree calendar), so its original meaning is equivalent to the Chinese Lunar New Year. Later, because Catholicism defined it as "the day of saints in the world", all regions, nations and countries that believe in Christianity (Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, etc.) will spend the festival together.

Halloween is mainly composed of Germanic, Latin and Baltic Slavic countries in the Indo European language family, including Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.

Asian countries, which were once colonized or whose religious culture was weak, had Halloween traditions, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, etc. But some countries, such as Japan, Thailand, China and so on, began to celebrate Halloween for different reasons.

In conclusion, Halloween has almost become a worldwide Festival. It can be said that where there are Christians, there will be people celebrating Halloween.

How to spend Halloween

Like Thanksgiving, Halloween is also a religious holiday. Halloween is called. The celebration of Halloween as we know it is actually Halloween, which is the abbreviation of all halls \ 'evolving. Halloween and Thanksgiving are peak seasons for pumpkin sales. Many people will buy pumpkins to go home and put them in front of their houses. The jack-o-lantern is called Jack. If you've seen the movie the Christmas Eve thriller, you must be familiar with Jack and the stories of various ghosts. Many pumpkins are also creatively carved into cartoon images or make special expressions by the owners, which is very funny. Many farms also provide pumpkin picking services, allowing tourists to choose their own favorite pumpkins in the pumpkin field.

Children like Halloween because they can knock on the door of strangers to ask for candy. Treat or tricks is their key. Children who come to ask for candy will also wear all kinds of clothes, because they can only get the candy they want if they scare the residents. Don't think of tricks as a threat. I once heard that there was a family who had sent out candy, so later the children didn't get the candy, so they used toilet paper to wrap the trees of the family. Candy for children is not expensive. Most families prepare a lot of sugar. The goal of candy kids is mostly to live in a house, so if you live in a dormitory or apartment, you don't have to prepare in advance.

Halloween costumes are also a highlight. Whether it's the children who come to ask for candy or the people who go to the party, they will wear different clothes. Zombies, ghosts, witches and demons are all common Halloween images. But Halloween costumes are expensive. The better they are made, the more amazing they are. So the most popular and popular clothes are all kinds of scary ghosts' black cloaks, hats and fangs -- these clothes are relatively simple, generally inexpensive, and can be sold in one yuan stores. There are also some shops that rent Halloween clothes. If you don't want to buy them, it's more economical to rent a suit. If you want to save money, you can find a handkerchief to cover half of your face and paint some oil on it. It's Halloween costume.