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What is Wang Jingze's law of true fragrance? Introduction to the origin of Wang Jingze's true fragra

Today, everyone can't escape the key words of Wang Jingze's law of true fragrance. Park Shu is surrounded by people watching a large-scale scene of true fragrance. Then, where does Wang Jingze's law of true fragrance come from? The flag set one second ago is overthrown mercilessly by himself the next, is it a ten point slap on the face?

What does Wang Jingze's law of true fragrance mean

Now it's mainly used to tease someone to shout slogans to resist something and then to show their love for it.

Some netizens are also constantly joking:

The iron bone earns the king's fortune, and can't get rid of the true fragrance law.

Under the natural and Social Sciences, the most energetic people can not escape the law of true fragrance in order to survive.

All things in the world can not be separated from the feeling of the true (environment) fragrance (ZE) law.

Introduction to the origin of Wang Jingze's law of true fragrance

This estimate is the hottest one in 2018, which is mainly from Wang Jingze, a master of Hunan Satellite TV's metamorphosis. When Wang Jingze went to the countryside, he said that even if I jumped from here, I would not eat a mouthful of rice and a mouthful of water if I fell dead here. Then in the evening, I had a hungry meal and said something. It was delicious. So later there was the stem of Zhenxiang.

In the program, the protagonist Wang Jingze dislikes the poor rural conditions and wants to go back to the city. The grandfather of the rural family has been urging him, and the angry Wang Jingze immediately said, "I, Wang Jingze, am starving to death. I will jump from here and not eat anything from you.".

But a few hours later, Wang Jingze, who was hungry, could only eat in a rural family, saying "really fragrant" while eating. With his own words in front of him, his joy suddenly burst. Wang Jingze was born in a big family in Changchun. His parents run a hotel. Because Wang Jingze is the only boy in the family who obeys Wang Jingze, Wang Jingze is violent against those who do not listen to him.

The family's favorite environment led to Wang's development of a haughty and irascible character, and the school was just a place for him to play. Fighting and fighting against teachers in schools was a frequent occurrence.