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What's the matter with iPhone XS canceling selfie? How can Chinese beauty live without beauty

What's the matter with iPhone XS canceling self portrait beauty? European and American consumers don't accept the beauty effect and think it's silly to add beauty, so it will be cancelled in version 12.1. But for Chinese consumers, if there is no beauty function, will the sales volume be greatly reduced?

IPhone XS is going to cancel selfie

In September 2018, Apple released three new phones, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, which attracted the attention of Apple fans.

Meitu Xiu Xiu and other beauty self timer software is very popular in Asia. In order to cater to the needs of consumers, apple iOS 12.1 operating system has added the effect of automatic skin abrasion. However, this practice is not bought by European and American users, and iPhone XS/XR beauty function is being tucking out by European and American users. In response, apple officially responded to the iPhone XS' beauty door ': IOS 12.1 will cancel the self portrait beauty effect.

European and American consumers do not accept

Among them, the "beauty selfie" feature of the iPhone XS, which is popular in the Chinese market, has been criticized by users in the European and American markets. Users in Europe and the United States think that Apple has automatically added beauty features to the new iPhone to make them look 'too good-looking' in self portraits and look silly in photos, just like using a brush filter. The iPhone XS uses a matte / Beauty filter in the front camera, which does not tell the user and cannot be disabled. This is unacceptable, commonly known as Apple's beauty door event.

As for the reason why self portrait beauty appears, Apple also gives an explanation: in essence, when users take self portrait, smart HDR selects the wrong basic frame for HDR processing. It sometimes selects frames with a longer shutter speed rather than frames with a shorter shutter speed to record motion and details. The front camera also has no optical anti shake function, so photos taken at the same shutter speed are more blurred than the rear camera. As a result, the details of the photos taken by the front camera are lost and look smoother.

The 'beauty door' problem should be fixed soon. Apple admits that there are errors in the smart HDR of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR camera, which leads to excessive smoothness of the photos taken by the front lens and the disappearance of details. And said that the next push of IOS 12.1 will fix the problem.