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How to wash hair in winter? Don't touch these hair washing mistakes

It's winter again. The most difficult thing for many girls in winter is to wash their hair. Washing their hair in winter is just like purgatory in the world. If you don't blow it directly after washing your hair, it's easy to form a popsicle. How can you wash your hair healthily in winter?

What's the best time to wash it in winter?

Generally speaking, it's cold in winter. It's best to do it twice or three times a week. For those whose hair is particularly prone to hair oil, three or four times is the best choice according to the actual situation. If there is perseverance, it is best to wash every day.

How to wash hair healthiest?

In fact, daily shampoo not only can't protect hair, but also may cause harm to scalp. Because if the frequency of shampoo is too high, it is easy to wash the grease secreted by the sebaceous glands completely, and the hair will lose its natural barrier, which is not good for the hair.

For those who have the habit of washing their hair at night, they should try to change the habit of washing their hair at night. Next, they should dry their hair after washing, or blow it with an electric hair dryer to ensure that they are clean, relaxed and healthy. Because if you wash your hair at night and don't dry it, you will have migraine easily the next day, and you will be confused all day.

When cleaning the head, also pay attention to the choice of shampoo, avoid using alkaline shampoo with too much cleaning power, and it is better to add a layer of hair film or conditioner to protect the hair.