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Is the liquid in warm hand treasure water? Can pregnant women use warm hands

when the weather turns cold, are you ready for the warm hand treasure? For the little friends in the cold weather in the north, they have already started to stock up for a long time? Many people are very curious about whether the water in the warm hand treasure is water or not? There is also a sound of water when shaking it, which is a special substance.

What is the liquid in the warming hand treasure

In fact, careful people will find that the "water" in the electric water bag is not ordinary water. The reason why it can be heated and keep the heat for a long time has its mystery. So what's inside the electric water bag? Many people who are easy to get cold almost stay with the electric water bag in the whole winter. The electric water bag is amazing. It's hot when the electricity is plugged in. Many people think that the electric water bag is actually boiling water, so it's wrong.

What's inside the warm hand treasure? In fact, it's iron powder or ferrite. The electric heating water bag is closed by the heat generated by electromagnetism to generate electromagnetic things. It's to prevent leakage. If there is a magnetic field after being electrified, iron and magnetism react with each other, making the so-called water inside generate eddy current and hysteresis, and then generate heat energy, which is related to why the transformer will heat up Because of the hysteresis and eddy current, the transformer is made into one piece of silicon rigid plate to reduce the hysteresis and eddy current, so as to improve efficiency, while the hot water bag is the opposite.

Is warm hand safe

In fact, scientific research and clinical practice have confirmed that the fetus is extremely sensitive to high temperature in the first three months. High temperature may even cause fetal malformation or abortion. And the hot water bag covers the stomach, will cause the most direct damage to the fetus. In addition, electric blanket is also a high risk factor.

Experts pointed out that even if the insulation resistance of the electric blanket is fully qualified, there will be induced voltage generated and applied to the human body. The induction voltage between the body and the electric blanket can reach 40-70 volts, and there is a current of 15 μ a, which can produce enough electromagnetic waves to harm the health of the fetus.

It should be noted that high temperature does not necessarily have adverse effects on all fetuses, but it does account for a certain proportion of the adverse effects.

Therefore, experts suggest that pregnant women, especially those within 3 months of pregnancy, should not overheat their abdomen, and it is best to keep normal temperature. Mother to be can't take a bath with superheated water either. It's better to use warm water. In addition, we should take correct measures to keep warm in our daily life.