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Which is better, the floor heating and the radiator in winter? Comparison of advantages and disadvan

Heating is very important for every family, especially for families living in severe cold areas. Nowadays, heating forms mainly include floor heating and radiator, so which is better? Let's get to know.

Is the floor warm or the radiator good?

1. In fact, floor heating and radiator are both good heating methods. Now let's compare their performances.

2. First of all, we can see the comparison of heating and efficiency. The main cooling mode of floor heating is radiation, and the cooling is relatively uniform, so it can make us feel warm but not anxious, and have a comfortable feeling of sufficient temperature and cool head, but the heating of floor heating is relatively slow; on the contrary, the cooling mode of radiator is indoor air circulation and convection, and the heating is faster than that of floor heating, but the comfort is not as good as that of floor heating, Although the house is warm, it is easy to get anxious.

3. Second, the comparison of energy conservation. Compared with the floor heating, the radiator has higher thermal efficiency because of less heat loss. According to scientific statistics, on the premise of opening the same time, the energy conservation of floor heating is about 30% higher than that of radiator.

4. In terms of space occupation, because floor heating is a concealed project, and leveling is its main means, it occupies a height of 6-8cm of the house, which may affect the storey height, especially the house with a low storey height, which may cause a feeling of depression. It has little impact on the roominess of the house, while the radiator is just the opposite, which does not affect the height of the space, but it will affect the roominess of the space The sound also affects the beauty of the space to a certain extent.

5. Compare the later maintenance situation again. No matter the radiator or the floor heating needs to be laid with pipes. Most of the pipes for the floor heating are on the ground coil. If the water floor heating is used and there is water leakage, the whole ground needs to be pried off to replace the pipes, so the maintenance cost is very high, and the radiator is more convenient to maintain, just replace it directly.

6. Finally, compare the installation of floor heating and radiator. The installation of floor heating is carried out before or together with the decoration of the new house. If it is a well decorated house, it will be more troublesome to re install the floor heating, and the restriction of the radiator will be less, which is much easier than the floor heating.

It can be seen that the floor heating and the radiator have their own characteristics, and the floor heating is more and more used by people because of its many advantages compared with the decoration concept and life concept advocated by people now. However, the question whether the floor heating is good or the radiator is good should be answered by our users themselves, because the needs of each person are different and suitable for themselves The best is the best!