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How to use the wine opener? How to use wine opener correctly

Red wine is a kind of wine that can set off the atmosphere. Do you use a bottle opener when drinking red wine? Red wine bottle opener is a kind of bottle opener tool for opening red wine, which has many kinds. It is mainly used to cut the cap of red wine bottle and pull out the cork. So that you can drink the wine you like.

How to use wine opener

1. Cut off the foil cover on the bottle mouth. Use a small knife to make a circle under the lip of the bottle. If you don't have a knife, you can use the sharp end of the bottle opener. Make a full circle along the lower edge of the bottle lip.

2. Remove the foil cover. Remove the foil cover from the cork by hand. You can tear off the tin foil around the bottleneck (or not). If you want to plug the bottle back to save the remaining wine, it is recommended to tear it off. If the tin paper on the bottleneck can't be torn off, you can slash it diagonally downward from the bottle mouth.

3. Lift up the two arms of the bottle opener. Butterfly bottle opener (or double wing bottle opener) has two levers, which can easily lift the cork.

4. Lift up the arm of the bottle opener, and the screw drill of the bottle opener can go all the way to the lowest part of the cork, and then pull out the cork.

5. Screw the auger into the cork. Press the auger down slightly and smoothly with the tip against the cork. Turn the handle on the top of the bottle opener like a key, and the bottle opener will be slowly screwed into the cork. Most bottle openers turn clockwise.

6. Press the arm down. Put the bottle on a horizontal table and press both arms with both hands. In this way, the cork can be pulled out easily and smoothly.

What are the precautions for using red wine bottle opener

Hold the bottle opener tightly, do not rotate it, and pull the cork straight. Use steady force, don't use sudden force. Because there is no lever system, it may be a little laborious to pull out. Sometimes the cork is just tightly plugged, which may not pull out at all. So you have to work hard. The cork may be pulled out suddenly. Be prepared. Be careful not to hit others. Also be careful to spill the wine when the bottle falls.

If the cork does get stuck, try flushing the top of the bottle in hot water for 30 seconds. When the temperature rises, the glass will expand, making the cork loose and easier to pull out.