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Why is Li Ge banned and banned? Can LIGO make it back?

LIGO is a live webcast that many people like very much. Recently, as soon as she moved to Huya, she was blocked. What's the reason why the & hellip & hellip; LIGO Huya live studio was blocked? So for wanghong, don't do anything against the moral bottom line in order to stir up her eyes.

What's the reason why ligohuya studio was sealed

Speaking of Rico, I believe you all know that over the top of the jitter is more than 50 million of the fans. It has to be said that this LIGO is really cute, it's sweet to laugh, and it's also a time of fire. After all, there are too many sweet girls. Later, LIGO also signed a contract with tiger teeth to be a anchor because of its popularity. Before long, LIGO openly sang the National Anthem in the live broadcast room! This is not a shooting? It was directly banned!

I'm sure you all remember how cool Chen Yifa was. He was nominated to be banned because he blasphemed historical figures. Chen Yifa's being sealed also caused a lot of hot discussion in the world of broadcasters. After all, Chen Yifa is also a big anchor in the world of live broadcasting. Because in the past, when he was on live, he was picked out by netizens, and finally directly banned. Now Chen Yifa is cool.

However, Li Ge, who is very hot recently, is very familiar to all of you. She has just arrived at Huya for live broadcast, and even stepped into Chen Yifa's afterlife. She even openly sang the National Anthem in the live broadcast room! As we all know, the national anthem is very solemn. When singing the national anthem, it must be very serious, but it is blasphemy to sing the National Anthem in entertainment places, or live platforms or other non serious places. After all, the national anthem is a symbol of our country. To desecrate the National Anthem in this way is to insult our country. Although there is no insult, it must be wrong to do so. This time, LIGO openly sang the National Anthem in the live broadcast room. Isn't it hitting the gun? It's so accurate!

This LIGO, who had just arrived at Tiger's teeth to press straight, immediately returned to the pre liberation period? Tiger's teeth sealed the live studio directly. As for the follow-up actions, there is no response at present.

Netizens' comments

The relevant departments stipulate that the National Anthem may not be broadcast on the live broadcasting platform.

The National Anthem can't be used for entertainment. No live broadcast can play the national anthem. It's against the rules.

The studio has been sealed. It's not far from cool.

When the National Anthem rings, even the leaders of the country should stand up and pay homage to the old generation of proletarian revolutionaries. Now it's amused by a netizen who has tens of millions of fans. Such a person can't be tolerated by the national law.

Make a big death.. When can we improve our quality and graduate from kindergarten.