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What is ear return? Why do star concerts bring ears back?

When it comes to concerts, the first thing I think about is the crowds and the high. I wonder if your friends who like music have noticed that when singers sing, they will wear something like Bluetooth headset in their ears. So what is the main function of ear return?

What is ear return

There are two main functions of ear return: first, ear return can hear the accompaniment of songs and the life effect of your own scene, to avoid out of tune, wrong clap and other situations. In general, the concert scene is very large. The sound is far from the stage. It is difficult for singers to judge whether their songs follow the street or run away, so they need an ear to return.

Second, ear return also has the effect of Bluetooth headset. There are usually more cameras in concerts. In order to achieve the most perfect recording effect, the on-site director and producer need to timely inform the singer to reach the best shooting angle. At the same time, the director can also give timely feedback to the singer on some dance steps, positions, equipment and other issues. It seems that ear return really means a lot to singers.

How to use ear return

It's called "headphone return", which means "ear return". When we listen to the scene, the singer sings with a microphone. The process is as follows: if there is no ear return, the accompaniment comes out of the sound, the singer hears it, starts singing, and the lyrics come out of the sound. The process actually has a delay. If it is true, what we actually hear is "not keeping up with the beat". In addition, on-site Noise, the audience's good, will interfere with the singer listening to accompaniment, so professional singers are to wear ears back.