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What's the meaning of the word "God of Europe"? Origin and source of the God of Europe

"Europe God" is a new stem coming out in 2018. Recently, Chinese Koi believe that xiaodai is more popular. Do you know what Europe God means? In the Internet society, you must know the latest words, or it will be easy to be thought out.

What do you mean by "God of Europe"

As a network language, this word is usually used to describe people with excellent luck. It is derived from the development of the words "European" and "European emperor" which describe lucky players in the game stem. Common usages include "eudemonic appendage", "eudemonic temperament"..., etc.

Where is the origin of the God of Europe

The above mentioned word is derived from the word "European" and "European emperor" used to describe lucky players in the game stem. However, the earliest common saying on the Internet that the "European" empire stemmed from is one of the derivative cultures of online games such as "fleet collection" and "warship girl r". The common character of this kind of game is to draw cards, and the cards are SSR / Sr / R / N from super rare cards to bad cards. But there is a kind of people who always draw very bad cards because of their personality and luck. Their angry faces are black, and they will be ridiculed as "Africans". Gradually, this title has become a reference for people with poor luck in network language. In order to emphasize this kind of luck, there is a saying that "non chieftain" is very bad. And 'Europe' usually has a very white face, which is a relative synonym for good luck. It derives from the European royal family, the European emperor, to refer to people with special good luck.

The development experience of the European God

In 2016, the 3D Japanese and wind turn RPG mobile game "Yin Yang master", independently developed by China Netease mobile game company, also needs to draw cards. Shi Shen can be divided into dog God, dog ghost, you floating spirit, ground binding spirit and Fan Gang according to the grade level, and can be divided into SSR, Sr, R and n according to the rating form in the game, making "non chieftain", "African", "European", "European emperor" and "European God" popular again.