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What are the common positions of cupping? Five taboos of cupping

Cupping is a common method of treating diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. Cupping has many advantages. Cupping can help patients to get rid of dampness and pain, activate Qi and blood, dredge meridians, which can be described as many advantages. However, cupping also has many precautions to keep in mind. You may as well have a look.

Many diseases can be treated by cupping. For example, in middle age, muscle and bone pain are common. According to the explanation of traditional Chinese medicine, most of them belong to rheumatism. When cupping, the mouth of cupping can be covered in the affected area, which can slowly suck out the dampness of the focus, promote local blood circulation at the same time, achieve the purpose of pain relief and functional recovery, so as to achieve the treatment of rheumatism, arthralgia, muscle and bone pain and other discomfort. In addition, cupping can also be used on human acupoints to treat headache, cough, dizziness, eye swelling, asthma, abdominal pain and other problems.

Experts point out that there are four positions commonly used in cupping

Position 1: sitting position

Sitting on a wooden bench, exposing the back of the neck and back, is conducive to suction and pull out the neck, shoulder and both sides of the lumbar spine, as well as the front and upper knee of the thigh and other parts.

Position 2: lateral position

In the lateral position, according to the needs of treatment, both lower limbs can be flexed or one leg can be flexed and the other leg can be extended. It is good for suction and extraction of chest and flank. The pulp and the inside and outside of the lower limbs.

Position 3: prone position

Lie on the back, or turn your head to one side or down, put pillows on the bottom, put the upper limbs on both sides of the trunk naturally, relax the muscles, breathe naturally, expose the back and lower limbs, which is conducive to suction and pull out the back, both sides of the spine, and the back of the lower limbs.

Position 4: supine position

Lie on your back, under the head, with the lower limbs extended or under the knee, with the upper limbs naturally placed on both sides of the trunk, or with the elbows bent on both sides of the head, with the muscles relaxed and the chest exposed. The abdomen and the anterior and medial sides of the upper and lower limbs are conducive to suction and extraction of the front chest, abdomen, upper limbs, front sides of the lower limbs and other parts.

When cupping, the specific position should be determined according to the cupping position, comfort, etc. When cupping, it can be grasped flexibly.

Here are the precautions for cupping

1. We must find a professional doctor and a regular hospital for cupping

The vacuum negative pressure produced by cupping has a strong suction force. Its suction force acts on the meridians and acupoints, which can open the pores and make the skin congested, so that the pathological products in the body can be sucked out of the body from the pores of the skin, so that the meridians and Qi and blood can be dredged, the viscera function can be adjusted, and the purpose of disease prevention and treatment can be achieved. It can be seen that cupping is conducted on acupoints. If the unprofessional people do cupping without finding the right acupoints, the impact on the body is obvious.

2. Time should not be too long, too long may lead to skin infection

Many people think that cupping takes at least half an hour, so as to have an effect. In fact, according to the size, material and negative pressure of cupping, TCM reminds that cupping varies. However, it is generally advisable to slide the tank from the point of ignition to the start of the tank for no more than 10 minutes. Because the main principle of cupping is negative pressure, not time. If the cupping time is too long until the blister is pulled out when the negative pressure is large, it will not only hurt the skin, but also cause skin infection

3. Don't take a bath immediately after cupping

Many people feel that there is always some peculiar smell on the body after pulling out the can and they want to take a bath more comfortable, but they don't know that it will cause physical discomfort. You can pull out the cupboard after taking a bath, but never take a bath immediately after pulling out the cupboard. After cupping, the skin is in a state of being injured, very fragile, and bathing at this time can easily lead to skin damage and inflammation. If you take a cold bath, the skin is in a state of open pores, which is easy to catch cold. Therefore, you must not take a bath immediately after cupping.

4. Keep away from combustibles

One of the cupping methods is cupping, which is also a common method used by many people. Alcohol is an extremely flammable substance. So when you pull out the fire pot, you must check it clearly. There must be no inflammables around. Otherwise, the problems caused by improper operation are not small.

5. Keep warm and cold

Cupping is required for the environment. When the temperature is low, cupping is not suitable, otherwise it is easy to lead to cold invasion, playing the opposite role. Therefore, when cupping, the indoor temperature should be kept above 20 degrees, and the location should be in the windward and sunny place. After pulling out the can, remember to add clothes to keep warm in time so as not to cause cold invasion.