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What's the advantage of pickled feet with pepper water? The effect and function of water soaked feet

What's the advantage of prickly ash water to soak feet? Prickly ash originally exists as a seasoning, but some people like to use prickly ash water to soak feet, so how long is the best time for prickly ash water to soak feet? Prickly ash water can eliminate fatigue, enhance immunity, prevent beriberiberi, promote sleep & hellip; & hellip; bubble time is not less than 20 minutes.

What's the advantage of pickled feet with pepper

1. Eliminate fatigue

Adding a small amount of prickly ash to the hot water of the feet can improve the blood circulation of the feet, and the prickly ash is the most effective way to relieve fatigue in 10 minutes.

2. Enhance immunity

Fry the feet with prickly ash, wash the feet before going to bed every night, and then scald the feet with this soup. It can play the role of disease elimination, the most obvious is to enhance the immunity to influenza virus or other infectious diseases.

3. Prevention and treatment of beriberi

Pepper water soaked feet can prevent foot odor, sweat and beriberi. Grab a handful of prickly ash and wrap it in a sandbag, put it in the pot and boil it with water, then smoke your feet first and wait for the water temperature to reach your feet. Seven days in a row can cure the foot trouble. In addition, the used solution can not be thrown away, and can be used after heating the next day.

4. Promote sleep

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is better to soak feet in pepper water than in hot water. In fact, the method is very simple. Use a cotton cloth to wrap 50g pepper (1 jin, 10 parts), fasten it with a rope, boil it with water, and then soak it in the water. Pepper bag can be reused, with a week or so to replace the new can be.

How long is the best

If the temperature is suitable, you can soak it for a while, preferably not less than 20 minutes! If the foot water is cold, you can reserve some hot water in advance, while washing and heating the water.

Can I soak my feet every day

It's not suitable to soak prickly ash in water for a long time. If you feel that the original disease disappears, you should stop for a few days and wait until you have insufficient symptoms. Otherwise, you may have the phenomena of "lack of Qi" and "fire comes from water" in ancient Chinese medicine books. Generally long time with pepper water feet, will cause 'lung fire', resulting in heartburn.