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What is the mutual guarantee of treasure? What is the use of mutual protection?

Recently, a new activity on Alipay has been called mutual protection. I believe all partners are curious and want to know. So what is the mutual protection? Today, Xiaobian Xiaobian takes a look at Xiaobian. Actually, the essence is still an insurance type, only by means of the external form of interconnection.

What does it mean to pay mutual protection?

Ant members with 650 or more sesame scores (under 60 years old) can join the "mutual insurance" without paying a fee, and get 100 kinds of serious diseases protection including malignant tumors. They can participate in the cost sharing only when other people get sick and make compensation. If they get sick, they can get one-time security fund.

At present, this service has been launched on Alipay. Users can search for the corresponding service entrance through Alipay's home page search "mutual insurance" or "Alipay - my ant insurance". After the agreement of independent selection of authorized sesame evaluation and signing of payment authorization service, the user can join the safeguard plan and enjoy the mutual help experience of "everyone for me and I for everyone" with internet characteristics.

What is the use of mutual guarantee?

According to the data, the average treatment cost of cancer and malignant tumor is 500000-600000, and the poverty groups due to diseases in China account for more than 42% of the poor.

Unlike general insurance products, which are priced according to the incidence of disease and need to pay a fixed premium first, eligible users can join 'mutual insurance' with zero expenses, and subsequent expenses are apportioned according to the actual compensation cases in each period. At the same time, in a single case, the amount allocated to each user will not exceed 10 cents.

'sharing is not only to pay a fee, but also to help some people. It's the original intention of & lsquo; Mutual Insurance & rsquo; and the mission of mutual insurance to let users watch and help each other.'. Yang Fan, chairman of Xinmei mutual, said.

According to the rules, there are two publicity and two equal sharing every month. On the Publicity Day, sensitive information publicity will be appropriately hidden in the current accident cases, and dissenting complaints will be accepted. The security fund generated by the case with no objection publicized, plus 10% of the management fee, will be shared equally by all members on the sharing day. Where the money is spent, how much money each participant needs to share, completely open and transparent.

As for how much money you can get when you are ill, it depends on the age of the first diagnosis of the serious disease: 300000 yuan for those under 40 years old; 100000 yuan for those over 40 years old. After the diagnosis of the disease, you only need to take photos of the mobile phone and upload the relevant vouchers, and you can get the security fund once and for all if there is no objection to the publicity.