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Can housing accumulation fund be withdrawn? What materials need to be prepared for housing accumulat

housing accumulation fund is a thing that many people have to know when buying a house. As we all know, with the improvement of our national policy, the legitimate rights and interests of employees are also very protected. Can the housing accumulation fund of five insurances and one fund be taken out? What materials should be prepared for taking out the housing accumulation fund?

1、 Can housing accumulation fund be withdrawn?

According to the relevant provisions of Article 24 of the regulations on the administration of housing accumulation fund, if you want to withdraw the housing accumulation fund, you need to meet certain conditions. For example, when the depositor of housing accumulation fund has needs in housing or other purposes permitted by policies, you can withdraw the housing accumulation fund deposited in the individual account.

These situations mainly include: purchase or construction of self-contained housing, repayment of principal and interest of purchase and construction of self-contained housing loan, retirement or retirement, complete or partial loss of labor capacity, and termination of labor relations with the unit, etc.

2、 How to withdraw housing fund?

1. First of all, I need to provide my true ID card and its copy. In addition, I need to provide different and corresponding proof materials according to different purposes of withdrawing the housing fund. Then I need to collect and fill in the application for withdrawing the housing fund in the unit where I work, and pay attention to affixing the reserved seal of the unit to ensure the validity.

2. The second step is to go to the housing accumulation fund management department where the employee originally deposited and opened an account with the certificate, application and corresponding supporting materials mentioned above.

3. Step 3: after the review of the local housing accumulation fund management department, confirm whether your situation meets the conditions of housing accumulation fund extraction, and determine whether the submitted certification materials are true and legal.

4. If the documents you provide are incomplete, you need to apply for supplement as soon as possible; if your application conditions are met, your personal information is filled in correctly, and your identity is also true, the provident fund management center will allow you to withdraw the requirements, and inform you to go to the corresponding bank to handle the payment procedures; if you do not have the application conditions, the provident fund management center will also notify you You, and will also inform you in the notice that you can not withdraw the specific reason for the housing provident fund.

5. Generally, after you apply for withdrawing the housing fund, the housing fund management center needs to complete the review within 3 working days from the date of your application, and will notify you of the results as soon as possible.

6. After the housing accumulation fund management department reviews your application and passes the review, you need to provide the personal savings account number of the designated bank. After the housing fund management department will handle the withdrawal procedures of housing fund.

7. When the housing fund management department completes the procedures of withdrawing the housing fund, it will transfer the amount you applied to withdraw into the account you provided. After that, as long as you go to the bank, you can withdraw the housing fund with the bank card.