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How does dot decay tooth do? How to prevent baby's tooth decay in daily life

Children generally have no immunity to sweets, sugar and other snacks. Almost all children love it. Parents must guide them correctly, not to eat partial foods, and never give them sweets at night. What are the ways to prevent cavities?

What are some good ways to prevent cavities?

Deciduous dentition period:

1. You can apply fluoride after your child is 3 years old. Don't worry about your child's incompatibility, because fluoride materials have many fruit flavors and won't hurt when you apply them.

2. After the age of 3, brush your teeth with one meter of fluoride containing children's toothpaste. For example, if it contains sodium monofluorophosphate, it can not only prevent it, but also improve the remineralization ability and protect the deciduous teeth. After eating sugar, wash your mouth in time to reduce the sugar concentration.

Permanent dentition period:

1. After the first permanent tooth and the second permanent tooth erupt, the pit and groove shall be closed, because the big tooth pit and groove at this time is the deepest, and it is easy to fall into the residue.

2. It can also use fluoride toothpaste for children. Usually, it needs more calcium supplement, and strong permanent teeth are not easily damaged by bacteria.

Does decay affect the eruption of permanent teeth?

1. More or less, it will affect. First, after the residual root is pulled out, without the guiding direction of deciduous teeth and chewing stimulation, the permanent teeth below are difficult to sprout, about a year later than the normal eruption. Second, permanent teeth tend to be crooked, resulting in tooth crowding.

2. Especially after the front teeth change, it will affect the appearance, and the child's psychology will also have some negative changes. The most important thing is that it will cause permanent teeth to continue to decay, and there may also be inflammation around the teeth.

As early as possible in the deciduous period to wear braces to correct the deciduous teeth, permanent teeth will grow orderly after tooth replacement, the child looks more spiritual.