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Can the diamond ring be cleaned and maintained at home? Precautions for diamond ring maintenance

wedding diamond ring is not only expensive, but also significant for both husband and wife. It is the witness and carrier of their love. But if they wear it every day, will it be dimmed after a period of time? Such a valuable thing must be well maintained to be able to afford its expensive price and special significance. How to clean and maintain the diamond ring at home?

1. Avoid impact and friction

Although gemstones generally have high hardness and are not easy to be worn or damaged, they should also be prevented from being hit and abraded as far as possible to prevent cracking or surface loss of luster. When you don't need to wear it, you should take it off in time and store it properly. For example, when participating in sports activities, bathing and housework, jewelry should be removed to avoid damage.

2. Avoid contact with acid and alkali solution under high temperature

The physical and chemical properties of many diamonds embedded in jewelry are not very stable. They are easy to fade when exposed to high temperature or sunlight for a long time. Some diamonds will also fade when contacted with acid or alkali solutions. Therefore, avoid contact with acid and alkali solution under high temperature.

3. Gemstone cleaner cleaning

You can make your own way to clean the diamond surface at home. You can introduce some special gemstone cleaner into warm water, or some mild cleaner, soak the ring in it, and gently wipe it with a small soft cloth. Then wash with water and dry with a soft cotton free cloth. Remember to plug the drain first or use a filter screen to avoid losing diamonds.

4. Remove dirt with neutral detergent

When the wedding diamond ring is not worn temporarily, it must be cleaned in time and then kept. The diamond has strong lipophilicity, and it is easy to be stained with oil and the luster is dim. As a result, the dust and oil are accumulated in every corner of the diamond ornament, which seriously affects its luster. In fact, it is not difficult to clean the diamond. Take a bowl of warm water, add a few drops of neutral detergent, and then use cotton (or a small brush, such as an old toothbrush) to dip in the water to gently wipe the diamond. After cleaning the dirt, rinse it in another bowl of clear water, and then dry it in a ventilated place. Then the diamond ring can restore its original brightness. Do not put multiple jewelry together in a box, and do not wrap multiple jewelry with a piece of soft cloth, so as to avoid friction between each jewelry.

5. Check the diamond setting position irregularly

Although the diamond is the hardest material, the inlay part of the waist is also the most vulnerable part of the diamond. If the diamond is likely to fall off when it is hit, it is recommended to check the diamond setting position irregularly or take it to the jewelry store for regular maintenance.

6. Separate storage

Diamond is the hardest material known by human beings at present. If other ornaments and diamonds are put together, it is easy to cause scratch damage between them. Therefore, it is suggested that if they are not worn, the diamonds should be placed in the jewelry box alone to avoid friction damage to other ornaments.