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The notice and taboo of buying second-hand house

In general, before deciding to buy a house, MetLife will make an on-the-spot investigation to avoid regret for buying a defective house. So what are the precautions and taboos for buying second-hand houses? We must see more and compare more, and choose the house that suits us.

Taboo of buying second-hand house

1. No property investigation

Property right investigation should be the first step to purchase a house, but few people can really implement it. In fact, it is not difficult to investigate the property rights of second-hand houses. After all, the property rights of second-hand houses are divided into commercial houses, public houses, property rights restricted houses, housing reform houses and many other types, and different types have different policies at the time of purchase. Secondly, we should also investigate whether the real estate has mortgage, seizure and litigation issues, otherwise it is easy to have disputes.

2. Rush to deposit

It is unwise to rush to pay a deposit without knowing the overall situation of the second-hand house you intend to buy. Because according to the contract, in most cases, the deposit is non refundable. Therefore, unless you know the situation of the house very well, you should not rush to pay the deposit. After all, it's the buyer's market now, and there are many good houses, so there's no need to rush to close the deal.

A lot of people are prone to make a mistake when they are looking at a house - they only pay attention to one aspect and ignore other aspects, which must be avoided when they choose a second-hand house. For example, we forget to measure the story height of the upper and lower floors when we encounter the cheap and favorite duplex structure; we forget the pressure brought by the super high property fee when we look at the good landscape of the residential quarter & hellip; as a house buyer, we should keep calm at all times, and it is not allowed to buy a house only according to one-sided preferences.

3. Credulity false offer

The biggest 'moisture' in second-hand housing transactions is the opacity of prices. Therefore, before buying a house, we should have a detailed understanding of the price of second-hand houses in the same area and in the same grade. Here's a way to recommend you to visit the nearest large and reputable intermediary company before buying a house. Usually, you can get a reasonable price. Don't trust the false quotation on the small intermediary and network, so that you can bear the loss that you shouldn't have.

Buying second-hand houses with skills

1. No day, no night

It can inspect whether the property management of the community pays attention to safety, whether there is regular patrol, whether the safety precautions are comprehensive, whether there is noise interference caused by vendors, etc. We can't see these situations in the daytime, and only at night can we get the most accurate information.

2. Don't look at sunny days, look at rainy days

After heavy rain, no matter what kind of decoration the owner has done to the house, it can't escape the rain. At this time, whether there are cracks in the walls, corners and ceilings of the house, whether there is water leakage, water seepage and other conditions can be seen at a glance. Especially pay special attention to the floor near the balcony and toilet to see if there is any damp and moldy phenomenon.

3. Look at the pattern without decoration

The best way to buy a house is to short it. Because the empty house is not covered by decoration, furniture, home appliances and other items, we can clearly see the pattern of the whole house. If the living room door faces the bedroom directly, the privacy is relatively poor. Good pattern of the house should be effectively separated from a variety of functions, such as banquet function, rest function and so on.

4. Look at the corner without looking at the wall

Check whether the wall surface is flat, moist or cracked, which can help the buyer to know whether there is water seepage. The corner is more important than the wall. The wall corner is to undertake the upper and lower left and right structural forces. In case of an earthquake, the bearing capacity of the wall corner is the key, and when the wall corner is seriously cracked, the problem of water leakage will appear at any time.

5. No decoration, no workmanship

Good decoration can make people's eyes bright, but clever decoration can cover the cracked corner, mildew, water leakage and other problems one by one. Therefore, when buying a house, the buyer must pay attention to the workmanship of the house, especially whether the wall corner, window edge and ceiling trimming process are meticulous, and these places are often ignored. If there is a problem, it is a very troublesome thing to repair these small parts. Finding out these small problems can increase the bargaining power with the owners. Generally speaking, the houses with new decoration but rough workmanship are likely to be the houses purchased by investors. The purpose is to buy low and sell high to earn the difference. Pay more attention to such houses.

6. Look out of the window without looking at the curtains

Attention should be paid to whether the ventilation of the house is good, whether the house is damp, moldy, and whether the lighting is good. Check if the windows of the house are facing the vents of other houses.

7. Hot water without cold water

If you want to know whether the water pipe leaks, you can see whether there is scale around the water pipe and whether the water is yellow. When testing the bathtub, turn on the tap first to see if the water is flowing smoothly. Wait until the water is full, then drain the water to see if the drainage system is normal. There are two kinds of houses without hot water: one is that the house has been unoccupied for a long time; the other is that the house may not have been sold for a long time.

8、 Don 't look at the elevator look at the stairs

Most commercial houses are elevator houses. The function of the elevator is important, and the stairs can not be ignored. See if there is any accumulation in the house and if the fire fighting access is unobstructed.

9. Look up at the roof

After looking at the living room floor, bathroom tiles, kitchen, the buyer should also look at the route of lighting, see if the ceiling has water stains, or uneven paint. If yes, there may be water leakage. If possible, take on the screwdriver, remove the lamp, put on the flashlight, and check whether there is paint falling off and water leakage at the four corners of the room in the ceiling.

10. No landlord, no security

You can chat with the community administrator or security guard. Because they are the most familiar with the basic situation of the community, sometimes they are more objective and accurate than the owners to inform the buyer of the relevant situation of the house. Getting the information they need from their mouths can sometimes be a decisive factor in buying a house.

11. Don't look at the appliance, look at the socket

A well-designed house can fully enjoy the convenience of modern household appliances, and a small socket can not be ignored.