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How to boil ice sugar gourd? How to make sweet and sour ice sugar gourd

Has Hawthorn been sold on the street. When it comes to hawthorn, you may immediately think of ice sugar gourd. Is there a flash of acid in your mouth? Actually, the most skilled place to make ice sugar gourd is to boil sugar. Do you know how to boil it?

Materials used

Main ingredient: Hawthorn 25 auxiliary ingredients water 200g condiment Bingtang 200g

The method of ice sugar gourd 1. Clean the hawthorn, remove the root and the base, remove the core (can be omitted), cut the Hawthorn horizontally, and add the filling like bean paste

2. String the processed hawthorn with bamboo sticks to dry the water

3. Pour the ice sugar and water into the pot together, boil until the ice sugar melts, and stir in the middle to promote the melting

4. Turn down the heat, cover the pan and boil for a while after the ice sugar is all in the water

5. After the syrup is cooked, quickly put the Hawthorn string on the edge of the pot, pour the syrup evenly with a spoon, and then put it on the oiled plate

6. It can be eaten with a little cool

Cooking skills

1. The successful ice sugar gourd, after leaving the pot, the sugar coated on the outside will quickly cool down. It is crunchy and does not stick to teeth at all. To achieve this effect, boiling sugar is the key.

2. The boiled sugar is thick and light yellow. Pick up the visible drawing with chopsticks and put the chopsticks into cold water. The sugar can solidify quickly. Bite it. It's hard, crisp and doesn't stick to the teeth. If it sticks to the teeth, it's not cooked yet.