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How to remove the peculiar smell on the hotpot? These methods are the most practical

Hot pot usually has an atmosphere when a group of people eat together, and the atmosphere of three or five people eat hot pot will be so hot. But after eating hot pot, the sad thing is that there will be a strong smell of hot pot. How to remove it?

1. Spray lemon juice on your clothes

After eating the hot pot, the smell of hot pot on clothes is actually the small molecules volatilized from the oil in the hot pot. You can find carefully that the heavier the hot pot is, the greater the taste on clothes is. On the contrary, the taste on clothes is not so big in the light hot pot. Such small molecules are difficult to dissolve in water, but are easily dissolved by citric acid, which is the citric acid in lemons Therefore, it can remove the hot pot flavor by spraying lemon juice on the clothes.

Method: squeeze a lemon juice, take pure lemon juice, put it into a small spray bottle, spray it on the clothes, or dip a small amount of lemon juice with your fingers, and directly wave it on the clothes.

2. Remove with plastic bag blower

The hot air has a good effect on removing the peculiar smell, and the plastic bag can wrap all the peculiar smell on the clothes, helping the hair dryer to remove the peculiar smell better.

Method: put the clothes with peculiar smell into the plastic bag, tie the plastic bag tightly, cut a small hole at any place, put the hair dryer in, turn on the hot air mode, blow for 3-5 minutes, the hot air will bake out the smell of the hot pot on the clothes, so as to achieve the purpose of removing the peculiar smell. Pay attention not to focus on one part all the time in the process of blowing, otherwise it is easy to dry the clothes.

3. Water vapor removal

Water vapor can evaporate the smell of hot pot on clothes, which not only has the effect of removing peculiar smell, but also makes clothes with more wrinkles more flat.

Practice: the bathroom just finished bathing, because the environment is relatively closed, there will be a lot of water vapor in the air. Hang the clothes with the smell of hot pot in the bathroom with the smell of water vapor for one night, and the smell of hot pot on the clothes will all disappear the next morning.

4. Put it in the ventilated place for removal

Most people like to use this method to eliminate the smell of hot pot on clothes. Hang the clothes with the smell of hot pot in the ventilation place. The molecules in the air can take away the odor molecules on clothes, so as to remove the smell of hot pot. But this method usually can not completely remove the smell of hot pot.

Method: sun the clothes with hot pot flavor in the dry and ventilated place, let the natural wind blow away the taste on the clothes.

5. How to eat hot pot

1. Avoid raw food and hot pot, meat is an indispensable raw material. The fresher the meat is, the better. If it is stored for a long time, it will lose a lot of nutrients. The fresh meat slices should be cut thin. If the meat slices are thick and the time to wash the meat is too short, it is not easy to cook them. Some people don't wait for the meat to ripen, which is very unsanitary. Generally speaking, thin meat slices can be eaten only after the color changes from bright red to gray white in the boiling pot.

2. Do not scald the food just taken out of the hot pot. Do not send it to the mouth immediately. Put it in the bowl and dish for a little cool before eating, so as not to burn the esophageal mucosa.

3. Avoid being too spicy. Some people put too many spices such as chili, garlic and onion in hot pot, which will cause certain damage to the gastric mucosa. Especially people with tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, gastritis and duodenal ulcer should eat less.

4. Avoid leftovers. Don't put leftovers and soup in hot pot overnight. The leftover vegetables and soup for the night will contain too many harmful substances, which are easy to cause food poisoning after eating.

5. Other hotpot ingredients, such as meatballs, shrimp dumplings and other meatballs, contain more fat and protein. Patients with "three highs" should eat less. Hot pot soup contains a lot of purine and more sodium and potassium ions. People with gout, kidney disease and hypertension should drink less or not.

Tip: eat hot pot and pay attention to the combination of "internal heat"

When eating hot pot, we should pay attention to the balance of meat and vegetables. To prevent 'internal heat', it can be used with some vegetables, tofu and lotus seeds.

Vegetables can not only eliminate greasiness and supplement vitamins needed by human body, but also have the functions of cooling, detoxifying and eliminating fire. Tofu can not only supplement protein and various microelements, but also play the role of gypsum in clearing heat, eliminating fire and quenching thirst. Lotus seed is not only rich in various nutrients, but also a good tonic for human body. It's better not to take off the lotus seed.