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Why are 56 constellations?

See the lyrics of "love me China" on Weibo. The opening is "56 constellations, 56 flowers", not "56 nationalities, 56 flowers". My memory is also a nation, I think it's amazing, and I see a lot of conspiracy theories, saying that the songs are all re recorded. So I made a special query, but I didn't expect the result to make me feel more magical & hellip; & hellip;

This song came from the National Games of Guangxi in 1991. Because of its popularity, it became a popular theme song in China.

In fact, Wei Wei was the original singer. It is earlier than the version of song Zuying that we all know later.

So to verify whether this song is a nation or a constellation, look at the 1991 MV version of Wei Wei.

It turns out & hellip; & hellip; is really a constellation.

The later two famous versions, song Zuying's and the chorus version of Zhao Wei / Jinggangshan in the Spring Festival evening of 2000, are all constellations.

It seems that it's really a memory mistake. There may be folk singing into a nation by mistake. At least the official versions are all constellations.

So here's the question & hellip; & hellip; why are the 56 constellations & hellip; & hellip; what did you think of when you wrote the words?