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How many floors is the best for a high-rise building? Advantages and disadvantages of different floo

many owners are very confused about buying a house and buying several floors. It is said that the higher the floor is, the better the sales office is. The higher the floor is, the more expensive the sales office is. It is true that the air in the high floor is good, the noise is small, and there are fewer mosquitoes, but the disadvantages of the high floor are also large. How many floors is better to buy a house?

It's better to buy a house and a few floors -- how to choose a high-rise residential floor (for reference only, subject to the specific situation of each community):

15 storey Residence: 5-7 floors.

18 storey Residence: 6-7 floors.

30 storey Residence: 6-7 floors, 15-24 floors.

28 floor residence: 6-7 floors, 15-22 floors.

24 storey Residence: 6-7 floors, 15-20 floors.

26 floors: 6-7 floors, 15-20 floors.

25 storey Residence: 6-7 floors, 15-20 floors.

22 storey Residence: 5-7 floors, 14-17 floors.

It's better to buy a house or a few floors

Take the 21 story building as an example. The better floor is 7-14 stories. Whether it's lighting or air, the effect of viewing is very good; standing on the balcony will not be dizzy, which is very suitable for middle-aged people; the height is a certain distance from the ground, not affected by noise. Even if the elevator breaks down, it's not a problem for the resident to run more than 10 floors.

It's better to buy a house or a few floors

The multi-storey building has a good shape and adopts brick concrete structure. Low cost. General durability and fast depreciation. Advantages: due to various restrictions, most of the north and South ventilation; less column beam restrictions, good house type. In addition, there is no elevator, less public building area, high room utilization, better floors are 3 or 4.

It's better to buy a house and a few floors

In China, the higher the floor, the more expensive, but experts suggest that when buying a house, the six or seven floors are better.

First of all, in terms of air quality, air quality is poor when the height is more than 30 meters. Moreover, the air is relatively thin, and people suffering from diseases are prone to discomfort, especially for patients with tracheitis, heart disease, angina and other diseases, so it is necessary to be cautious in selecting high-level.

In addition, reinforced concrete structure makes the electric wave of electrical equipment circulate along the building, part of it goes up to the top floor, so high-rise residents are prone to headache.

Secondly, from the psychological point of view, the high-level people are prone to the illusion of "unstable foundation", which makes people feel depressed.

In addition, living in high-rise buildings for a long time is not good for children's development, which will lead to their inactivity and closed personality.

Editor's summary: the above is the introduction of the knowledge about how to choose the best floor for buying a house. Some people think that the 8-11 floor is the ash lifting floor, and some people think that the number of the 8 floor is good. A better understanding of the characteristics of the house in the purchased community can help you buy a house that suits you faster and better!