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Dior 999 matte and moisturize which is better? You need such a lipstick in winter

Dior is a very common make-up brand in our daily life. Dior flame 999 is their classic big red lip poster color. Dior lipstick is the most classic Dior matte and bright, so what's the difference between them?

Dior 999 Lipstick Matte or bright red

The bright and matte areas of the paint are different in their reflectance.

Bright light: high reflective surface, clear and bright light;

Matte light: the surface has low reflection rate, and the light is indistinct.

In 2016, the new logo and the interior color of the cover have changed! Of course, the new one has a matte.

Dior 999 matte and moisture contrast difference

Dior, matte and bright 999. I heard that without 999, it's not really lipstick control. I'm scared to enter!

Bright 999: orange red, moisturizing and not greasy, so don't worry about peeling! Don't worry about lip lines! Good color and durability

Matte 999: the texture is dry, but the durability is better than that of bright! The color is also darker than that of bright! The lips won't be pressed out by sipping the mouth ~ the matte lipstick of other brands should be wetted, thick coating is full of air, thin coating is full of vitality!

What we have in common: yellow leather is perfect! You can't imagine it!