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How long is the shelf life of lipstick? Can expired lipstick still be used?

Lipstick is a very popular cosmetics for girls in life. Some girls often use lipstick when they buy it, and they don't remember how long the lipstick's shelf life is. So how long is the shelf life of lipstick? Let's get to know.

1. Generally about three years

The shelf life of lipstick is generally about three years. Usually when you buy lipstick, you can see the shelf life of lipstick on the package, and this shelf life often indicates how long the lipstick can be kept unopened. That is to say, if you open the lipstick, its shelf life may not be as long as three years. This is because the lipstick contains grease and wax, which are easy to absorb dust and other impurities. Once it is opened, its shelf life will be more easily affected. Therefore, it is suggested that the lipstick opened can only be used for 18 months or two years at most.

2. Expiration processing method

Many girls must buy cosmetics is lipstick, and lipstick color number is very much, not a girl accidentally will buy more, buy more after the use will lead to lipstick expired. Faced with expired lipstick, most people choose to throw it away, but in fact, expired lipstick can also be turned into treasure. For example, the expired lipstick can be used as crayon painting materials, or the silver can be wiped on the face paper with lipstick, and then the black spots can be removed by washing with sponge dipped in detergent.

3. It's better not to expire

Some expired lipsticks look good, so some people can't help but continue to use them. However, this method is not advisable, because lipstick will be added with some chemical ingredients during the production process. After the expiration of the shelf life, these chemical ingredients may deteriorate to produce harmful substances, and then continue to use or may cause allergies as well as redness, swelling and ulceration of the lips. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to avoid using expired lipstick!