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What's the beauty of putting a handful of salt in the bathroom? Toilet salt tricks

What's the magic use of putting a handful of salt in the toilet? Salt can clean the toilet and the sewer, put salt in the toilet, add baking soda and rest for a while to clean the toilet. Salt is not only edible, but also can be sprinkled in the bathroom. What's the magic use of putting a handful of salt in the bathroom? Let's have a look!

What's the magic of putting a handful of salt in the bathroom

It's easy to clean the sewer when salt is put in the toilet. Prepare a container, and pour some salt into it, then pour some hot water into the container, use chopsticks to stir evenly, pour the high concentration salt water into the toilet sewer, you can clean the oil in the sewer pipe and kill the small flying insects. Then pour in hot water, hot water can also kill small flying insects.

Salt is put in the toilet to clean the toilet. Then prepare a container, add some salt and baking soda into it, pour some water into it, stir it with chopsticks evenly, the salt has the function of sterilization and disinfection, softening dirt, baking soda has the function of cleaning substances! Pour the prepared solution into the toilet, use the toilet brush, brush once. The stain goes to the light immediately.


Usually we hang the towel in the bathroom. The towel is in a cool and shady state for a long time, which is easy to turn yellow and hard. It will not only breed a lot of bacteria, but also produce peculiar smell. It is also uncomfortable to use. First, we need to prepare half a basin of water, sprinkle some edible salt in the water, soak the towel in salt water for five minutes, and then wash it after five minutes Towel, after cleaning, put it in the sun to dry, this method can make the towel soft, and the towel surface will not have odor residue.