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Does darling have earwax to want to pull out ear? Earwax is a natural protective barrier

In our daily life, we often see a scene like this: many children like to lie on their mother's legs, side their heads, and let their mother dig their ears very happily. Such a picture looks very warm and happy, but for parents, children's ears are not easy to pull out earwax.

Why is ear pulled out more urticant?

This is caused by too often pulling out the ear. There are certain psychological factors in it. More importantly, pulling out the ear will cause the loss of oil in the ear, make the ear canal skin sensitive, and form a vicious circle of "more you dig, more you want to dig". In fact, earwax does not need to be removed frequently. Appropriate amount of earwax can protect the ear canal, prevent bacteria and various small insects from entering the ear, and play a role of natural barrier. The grease in earwax can keep the temperature and humidity in the ear canal, so the cleaner the ears, the better.

Do children have earwax?

The metabolism of children is more vigorous than that of adults, and it is normal for them to have more earwax. As long as there is no discomfort such as hearing loss or pain, they don't have to pull out their ears. Moreover, the children's ears are not fully developed, the external auditory canal is very narrow, and it is very difficult to clean them up. Therefore, for those parents with low hands, they must take good care of their hands. If too much earwax affects their hearing, they must take their children to the right hospital to receive professional doctors' treatment. Do not take them out blindly, which may damage their children Eardrum, causing irreparable loss.

Warm reminder: due to the baby's small and delicate skin, earwax should not be dug more. In fact, the baby's earwax will fall off with vibration, sneezing or swimming, without human intervention of the mother. If it is found that the baby has more earwax, it is recommended to go to the hospital to take it out.