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Nourishing and nourishing grapefruit tea in autumn

Honey grapefruit tea is not only delicious, but also can whiten skin, remove spots and nourish skin. It's a drink that many younger sisters like very much. However, most of the honey grapefruit tea bought by many milk tea shops are blended, which has no nutritional value and is not good for the body. In fact, simple honey grapefruit tea can be made at home. It's the season when grapefruit is on the market in large quantities. Let's learn how to do it.

How to make honey grapefruit tea at home?

Ingredients: a grapefruit, a lemon, 250g sugar, 250g honey

The method is as follows:

1. First, rub the grapefruit surface with salt for about 5 minutes to remove the paraffin on the grapefruit surface.

2. Wash away the salt on the grapefruit surface with warm water. Thin off the yellow skin of the grapefruit. Do not use the white part. Soak in light salt water for more than 8 hours (it's better to change the water twice in the middle) to remove the bitter taste of grapefruit peel.

3. Break the grapefruit pulp into small pieces, cut the lemon into pieces, and use the grinder to break them all. Cut grapefruit peel into fine wires and set aside.

4. Pour the minced pulp and grapefruit peel into the pot, add the ice sugar, boil over high heat, then use low heat to cook, and stir more times in the middle to avoid sticking to the pot. 40 minutes later, watch the grapefruit sauce in the pot become sticky, then turn off the fire and let it cool.

5. After the grapefruit tea changes in temperature, pour honey into it and mix it evenly. Put it in a clean, anhydrous glass bottle and seal it. Put it in the refrigerator and marinate it for 4 days. Then you can drink it. The honey and grapefruit tea for nourishing and beautifying is so easy to make. In the future, you can have a cup every day. Isn't it because the taste in the so-called net red shop is much better/