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Why are the leaves of my green pineapple withered and yellow? What should I do

Generally, we will put one or two pots of green roses in the office or at home. You can put them on a flower rack or hang them on a high place indoors. The green pineapple is good to feed and fast to grow. We water it on time every day. Why is it still yellow when we give it sunshine and rain? What should I do?

The withered and yellow leaves of the green pineapple are generally related to the methods of watering, fertilization and illumination. Watering method: the green pineapple likes to be wet, but it is better to keep the basin soil wet. In summer, the water evaporates quickly, and can be watered once a day. In spring and autumn, it can be watered once every two or three days. When watering in winter, we should pay attention to the fact that the soil in the flowerpot is dry and then watered because too much water and too wet soil in the flowerpot will reduce the cold resistance and cause yellow leaves and rotten roots. No matter what season, excessive watering will cause water accumulation, which will lead to rotten roots and withered leaves, so the amount of watering should be well controlled; fertilization method: the soil will also be lack of nutrition, so many people plant flowers in the soil and feel that everything is well, as long as watering and basking in the sun, it is wrong. The fast growth of green pineapple needs more nutrition, so it is necessary to strengthen top dressing in the growing season.

The top dressing should be mainly nitrogen, and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be applied together. You can use it according to a certain proportion. If you don't have fertilizer, you can directly change the soil for flowers (3 parts of rotten leaf soil, 3 parts of garden soil, 3 parts of river sand and 1 part of stable manure mixed and prepared). You can go to the flower market to buy flower soil with reference to this, so that your green pineapple will be completely rejuvenated. Light: if you don't get good light, your green Pineapple leaves will wither and yellow, and the green pineapple can't be exposed to the sun Direct light, exposure to the sun is not desirable. The pineapple should be cured under the condition of half shade or scattered light. Suitable for indoor cultivation. You can put the green pineapple in the window. Cultivate the green pineapple outside without direct sunlight. Especially in summer, the sun will burn the edge of the leaf, making the new leaf smaller and the color of the leaf dull. The best way is to put the pineapple in a well ventilated shade with light transmittance. This does not affect its photosynthesis.