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Can radiation suits be washed? How to wash radiation proof clothes?

Can radiation proof clothes be washed with water? For many pregnant expectant mothers, do they wear radiation proof clothes for the sake of the health of the fetus when they are pregnant? Can radiation proof clothes be washed? If they are maintained, they can be washed gently by hand, not twisted, and the water temperature cannot be too hot.

Can radiation suits be washed

The answer is yes, radiation suits can be washed. After cleaning, radiation protective clothing is still effective.

What is the maintenance method

1. Radiation proof clothes can be washed directly, ordinary neutral detergent can be used, and the washing method is similar to the washing process of ordinary clothes;

2、 Wash the radiation proof clothes gently by hand, try not to use the washing machine;

3. Do not wring after washing, directly lift from the water to dry;

4. The water temperature should not exceed 90 ℃;

5. Medium temperature ironing, temperature not more than 150 degrees;

6. When washing, do not bleach, or use washing products containing bleach ingredients;

7. Do not put together with other chemicals;

8. When washing tap water, it's better to expose the tap water for a while to remove the excess CL in the water;

9. It is not recommended to fold and be pressed when the clothes are not worn. It is recommended to use clothes hangers to hang the clothes. The purpose is the same to prevent the metal fiber from breaking after folding and being pressed.