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Can I add essential oil to the humidifier? Is it harmful to add essential oil to humidifier

Humidifier is a very common household appliance now, many people will use humidifier inside. A lot of people have humidifiers at home when the climate is dry in winter. Can you add essential oil to the humidifier? Is it harmful to the body to add essential oil to the humidifier?

Can I add essential oil to the humidifier

No essential oil can be added in the humidifier. It is misguided in the industry due to the wrong way of adding essential oil in the humidifier. The essential oil is generally placed in glass and ceramic containers, not in plastic bottles. On the one hand, the essential oil is corrosive to plastic; on the other hand, the essential oil in the humidifier will pollute the water tank of the humidifier, which is not easy to clean, and the role of volatile oil in the essential oil cannot be played.

As long as you have a little knowledge of essential oil, you know that essential oil is generally stored in glass, ceramics and other containers, and essential oil cannot be placed in plastic bottles. Essential oil is corrosive to plastics. Common humidifiers are usually made of plastics. When essential oil is placed in humidifier, it may damage the performance of humidifier, and it is not easy to clean. Many people will choose a few yuan of aromatherapy oil. In fact, it is completely a chemical synthetic perfume. It is not only bad for humidifier, but also harmful to our body. Because these chemicals containing aromatics and preservatives will cause irritation to the respiratory tract and lungs with the spray of humidifier, especially for the allergic people.

What's the harm of adding essential oil in humidifier

The essential oil contains a variety of aromatics, preservatives and other additives. These chemical reagents enter the humidifier with the essential oil, and enter the air through atomization. The humidifier will molecule the chemical components in the essential oil, making it easier for the human body to inhale these chemicals. For a long time, such chemicals will stimulate the epithelial cells of the lungs and bronchi, and the cells will suffer damage, causing different degrees of diseases Disease; especially in allergic people, it is easy to have problems such as dyspnea.

How can I add essential oil

It is not suitable to add essential oil in the humidifier, but if you want to achieve the effect of purifying the air, nourishing the mind and calming the heart, if you want to add a little essential oil, you can drop a small amount of essential oil on the cotton ball and put it on the fog outlet, so that the essential oil will be distributed around with the fog, give full play to its effect, and will not affect the operation and health of the humidifier.

What's good in humidifier

It is not suitable to add disinfectant, vinegar, perfume, essential oil and other chemical ingredients in humidifier. This will not only have the effect you want, but also threaten human health.

Add pure water or cool water to humidifier, do not add tap water to avoid producing white powder, affecting air quality and causing respiratory discomfort.