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What are the different color effects of Xiaolin eye wash? Correct use of Xiaolin eye wash

Kobayashi eye wash is a product specially made in Japan for eye care and cleaning. There are five kinds of color packaging for the product, which represents different effects and functions. At the same time, it is also to adapt to different groups of people. Before, it was used by many star artists, so it was instantly ignited.

Which color is Xiao Lin's eye wash

1. Green 0 degree (mildest, its function is to reduce inflammation, relieve fatigue, clean eyes, including VB6. )(it is suitable for customers who have no concept of coolness for the first use and customers who are sensitive to the eyes. It is not cool, mild and irritant.)

2. Dark blue 2-3 degrees (mild and cool clean eyes have a cool feeling, anti-inflammatory, anti itching, red blood silk to alleviate dry corneal repair. )Slightly cool and slightly irritating (suitable for customers who prefer to use it for the first time or wear it invisibly and have a little cool feeling. Customers who use too many bad habits to cause inflammation and wear it invisibly often have inflammation and red blood wire are preferred)

3. Orange 2-3 degree (slightly cool type, with high moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid added, which can greatly alleviate the dry condition of the eyes, relieve fatigue, protect the cornea, diminish inflammation and antibacterial, including anti haze ingredients, which can protect the eyes), with low cool feeling, aiming at using more eyes / wearing invisibility Slightly irritating for customers with dry eyes (suitable for customers who wear invisibility for the first time and like a little cool feeling, customers who use too much eyes or wear invisibility to cause serious dry eyes, with long-term moisturizing effect)

4. Pink 3-4 degrees (containing double vitamins (containing vitamin B12 and B6), to protect the cornea. Among them, the liquid medicine is pink, which is the color of vitamin B12 dissolved in water). It is moderately cool and has a certain sense of stimulation. The main effect is to care for the eyes. The vitamin ingredient can relieve dryness and slightly relieve redness, and protect the cornea with a certain sense of stimulation (suitable for customers who wear invisible / beautiful pupil / use more eyes for a long time, and are not sensitive to the eyes. Long term eye care is the first choice for customers who protect the cornea)

5. Sky blue 5 degrees, relatively cool and irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, corneal protection! The cool degree is higher, with a great sense of stimulation and comprehensive effect, which can be said to be the upgraded version of dark blue (customers like super cool feeling, it is not recommended to use this one for the first time, it is really cool). The higher the degree, the cooler it is, with a sense of stimulation.

What's the difference between Xiaolin eye wash

Green 0 degree:

It has few pharmacological components and low stimulation, so it is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Recommendation: people who often swim or use it for the first time. (suitable for most people)

Blue 2-3 degrees: (best seller)

Low cool degree, antiphlogistic and antipruritic, remove red blood, cool the weather.

Recommendation: suitable for long-distance travel and business trip.

Pink 3-4 degrees:

Toxic cool feeling, containing double vitamin B12 and B6, protect cornea.

Recommendation: wear contact lenses. Eye makeup is great.

Light blue 5 degrees:

Cool and stimulating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, super cool and fast, with comprehensive functions.

Recommendation: mobile phone control, necessary for staying up late, cool.

Usage and precautions

Before using eye wash:

1. Take off the contact lens and use eye wash solution, and wear contact lenses 15 minutes after using the eye wash solution;

2. Keep eyes clean before use. Do not use eye wash without removing makeup;

3. It is recommended that the time of eye wash should not exceed 30 seconds. Please do not use the eye wash solution for more than 3 months.

usage method:

1. Open the bottle cap and pour 5-10ml of eye wash solution into the eye wash cup

2. Align the higher part of the eyewash cup with the outer corner of the eye, and lower your head to buckle the eyewash cup upward on the eye;

3. Slowly raise your head to make the liquid completely infiltrate your eyes and wash your eyes for 20 seconds;

4. Slowly lower your head, take off the eyewash cup, and wipe with a paper towel to expose the nursing liquid.

Can Xiao Lin eye wash be used every day


Eye wash is used to wash the surface of the eye and remove foreign matters (hair, insects, dust, etc.) on the surface of the eye. In case of emergency, wash and dilute harmful chemicals splashed into eyes, such as acid solution, alkali solution and corrosive solution. Therefore, its main component is water, and its secondary components are sodium chloride, preservative, hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide used to adjust the pH value. The ingredients are simple, which can neither replenish tears nor remove makeup. Therefore, it is not necessary to use it every day, but it is used for emergency self-help.

Eye wash has a certain soothing and cleaning effect, but it also contains a lot of preservatives and many other eye drops on the market. It is recommended to reduce the amount of eye wash, which can kill bacteria and clean human tears. Long term eye wash and eye wash also have side effects on tears. Many people say that they wash out a lot of things, because the human eye itself has its own circulating secretion, so don't worry about it There's no need to buy anything. Your eyes can adjust themselves. You often need to use a computer to suggest that you apply hot towel to your eyes and drink more Chrysanthemum and medlar.