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What's the meaning of the new name of Baidu takeout?

Baidu take out is renamed hungry star choose, what do you think? It is said that the renamed takeout pays more attention to the quality of high-end takeout. On August 24, 2017, hungry announced the merger of Baidu takeout. After the acquisition, they stressed that they would maintain the independent operation of the two brands, but now they still have some adjustments.

It is reported that Baidu takeout was officially renamed "hungry you Xing Xuan" today, and the position after the change is that hungry you's strict selection of businesses and food, upholding the highest user experience of high-end takeout and life service platform.

After the merger of Baidu foreign media and hungry mall, the organizational structure of both sides has also been adjusted. In terms of business and structure, baidu take out retail channel team and medical health business team have been integrated into the group's new retail Bu; Baidu take out TPU and hungry mall Beijing R & D center have been integrated into Beijing Technology Center; Baidu take out finance, procurement, budget management and legal department have been integrated into the group's finance department, while hungry mall Wei Hai, vice president of Baidu takeout, was appointed as the new CEO of Baidu takeout, responsible for Baidu takeout business and the implementation of dual brand strategy.

From the perspective of the current take out market share, only meituan and hungry are the two largest, which should be completely divided into the market.