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Do wisdom teeth have to be pulled out? Which wisdom teeth must be pulled out?

do you have wisdom teeth? Is wisdom tooth very troublesome? Wisdom tooth refers to the third molar in the alveolar bone, the eighth tooth from the central incisor to the inside. Generally, wisdom teeth will grow after adulthood. Do you have to pull them out? If it doesn't affect life, it's not necessary to pull them out, but there are some wisdom teeth that must be pulled out.

Because it sprouts very late, usually between 16 and 25 years old. At this time, people's physiological and psychological development is close to maturity, so it is regarded as a symbol of the arrival of wisdom, so it is called "wisdom tooth". There are also third molars that don't erupt. With the development of human being, the mandible has become smaller, but there is not enough position, so the wisdom teeth sprout out of dislocation. In principle, once the hypoplasia of wisdom teeth is found, they should be removed as soon as possible.

Which wisdom teeth must be removed?

1. Tooth decay or easy to lead to tooth decay: due to the lack of space, wisdom teeth often grow askew, which often causes difficulties in cleaning teeth, resulting in tooth decay. If wisdom tooth is decayed, it is recommended to pull out all teeth.

2. Invasion of adjacent teeth: when the space of wisdom tooth germination is insufficient, it will be close to the second largest molar, resulting in the phenomenon that the second largest molar is not easy to clean, or even part of the teeth are absorbed, which may cause caries or toothache in the past for a long time.

3. Lack of space: the length, width and strength of alveolar bone in modern human being degenerate in varying degrees due to the more and more refined eating, which leads to the failure to provide enough space for wisdom teeth to sprout. In this way, wisdom teeth tend to sprout and block because of the lack of space.

4. No right teeth: not everyone has four wisdom teeth. Therefore, on the opposite side of wisdom teeth, if there is no rival wisdom teeth to bite, sometimes excessive germination of wisdom teeth will occur, which will affect occlusion. Therefore, it is suggested that preventive extraction should be carried out as soon as possible.

5. Impacted teeth: between the impacted teeth and the gums covering it, it is easy to hide dirt and dirt, breed bacteria, cause bad breath and caries. When the body's resistance decreases, inflammation often occurs. Extraction of impacted teeth is more difficult than other teeth.

6. Cause other diseases: if wisdom tooth causes odontogenic cyst or tumor, it needs to be removed.

7. Orthodontic needs: in order to ensure the effect of orthodontic treatment, wisdom teeth are usually extracted.