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Can wear platinum earring allergy? How to choose Earrings according to face shape

Will wearing platinum earrings be allergic? Earrings are a kind of decoration that many girls like very much. Platinum earrings in fact, most people wear platinum earrings are not allergic, because the nature of platinum is very stable. However, a small number of people are very sensitive to skin, which belongs to allergic constitution, so they will be allergic to platinum, and there is a special allergy to platinum!

What to do if earrings are allergic

Platinum earrings are actually a small number of people are allergic to metal. According to the experience of netizens, some dermatitis can be cured very well. Of course, if it is more serious or has no effect, it is better to go to the hospital to see a doctor, so that you can get professional response!

What earrings are good for

Platinum earrings 1. Many people use a small plastic rod for their friends who have just finished their earholes, which is easy to infect;

2. In fact, it's very good for most people to buy some small silver bars;

3. Later, when choosing earrings, it's better to choose some silver, gold, platinum and so on, which are relatively stable and not easy to cause problems;

4. If you are allergic, there is no way. The best way is to cure it, and then don't wear earrings!

Selection strategy of earrings

Platinum earrings 1. Oval face: it's good to wear earrings of any shape, but pay attention that the size of the earrings should be consistent with your overall feeling.

2. Round face: set off with long earrings and pendants, or narrow and plump earrings with pendants, to create the visual effect of stretching up and down.

3. Long face: it's best to use the round earrings that are close to the ears to reduce the sense of longitudinal extension.

4. Square face: oval, flower shaped and heart-shaped earrings are used to soften and decorate the water chestnut on the face.

5. Heart shaped face: there is a little weight pendant under the earring silk bar, which is suitable for middle length;

6. Melon face: water drop, triangle or ear nail are suitable.