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Why is Chen Yifa banned from broadcasting in the live room

Chen Yifa is definitely going to be cool this time. Chen Yifa, as the first-line host of fighting fish, thought that she could have a promising future, but her position was not shaken. Unexpectedly, she was banned because of her improper speech. In fact, as a public figure, during the live broadcast, the online anchor should set an example and never challenge the bottom line of morality or cross the red line of law, otherwise it can only be Cause self Immolation!

Today, douyu live said that, due to the platform management error, there are still rewards and bullet screen operation events in the closed Live Room of anchor Chen Yifa (Live Room No. 67373). On the basis of permanently closing Chen Yifa's live account, the platform completely cancelled its live room and seriously dealt with the relevant responsible person.

According to @ Jiangsu online police on July 31, Chen Yifa, the anchorman of douyu live broadcast platform, openly used the painful memories of Nanjing Massacre, the fall of the three eastern provinces and other ethnic groups as a joke during his early live broadcast. Later, some netizens revealed that Chen Yifa was still in the game, calling the action of the characters in the game "visiting the Yasukuni Shrine", which caused serious dissatisfaction among many netizens. Xiaobian reminds that in the process of live broadcast, network anchor should set an example, do not challenge the bottom line of morality and overstep the red line of law. The platform side should also strengthen management, and never be burned by improper management and laissez faire!

Chen Yifa also issued an apology statement on his micro blog today, saying that he should not make fun of historical events, and that he regretted and blamed himself very much. At the same time, some of her cynical views on Weibo In 2010-2011 are also very wrong. I apologize to you all here. We will certainly learn from it. In the future, we will pay more attention to our words and deeds, and we will not make similar mistakes again.

Chen Yifa said that he will voluntarily accept revolutionary education in the near future, so that he can truly understand and remember history, improve his awareness, and correctly fulfill his social responsibility as a public figure, and will always do so. I will continue to participate in public welfare activities and try my best to recover the bad consequences with my influence. Please supervise at all times.

Screenshot of Chen Yifa's microblog

The live platform of douyu replied via microblog on March 31 that: Recently, a video of Chen yifa'er, the host of douyu, making a wrong speech in the live broadcast room in 2016 was circulated on the Internet, which was inconsistent with the values that douyu has always insisted on. In this live platform of douyu, the supervision failed to apologize to the netizens and carried out profound introspection. For this event, the live platform of douyu is handled as follows:

1. Douyu decided to ask the anchor Chen Yifa to rectify the live content.

2. Carry out platform self inspection and self correction, comprehensively check the live content of the platform, and have zero tolerance for illegal and wrong speech.

3. Further strengthen the content audit force, expand the content audit team, start the part-time over management recruitment work, establish an efficient user reporting team, and deal with the live illegal content as soon as possible.

As one of the important carriers of network communication, douyu will continue to strengthen the self-examination, strengthen the management of the anchor, standardize the anchor's words and deeds, guide and spread more positive energy, actively spread the green live content, let the theme and positive energy dominate the network space, and take our corporate responsibility and social responsibility for building a clean and healthy network space.