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How to clean cashmere sweater without shrinking? Proper cleaning procedures for cashmere sweater

How can cashmere sweater not shrink? Many people like to wear cashmere sweater, soft and comfortable, high-grade atmosphere, but it is this kind of more luxurious fabric often 'talk about water deformation'. Some incorrect washing methods lead to serious shrinkage of cashmere sweater, so what is the correct cleaning method of cashmere sweater?

How to wash cashmere sweater without shrinking

How to wash cashmere sweater without shrinking step 1: soak it in warm water

First, prepare a basin of warm water, and control the water temperature at about 30 ℃ (this is the most effective water temperature for detergent), then add a little special detergent to turn it on, and then add a little vinegar (with the function of brightening color) for standby, and put the cashmere sweater to be washed into soaking for about 15 minutes. (slowly squeeze the clothes until they are wet. Make sure they have not worn the cashmere sweater.)

How to wash cashmere sweater without shrinking step 2: inside out, extrusion

Turn out the inner layer of the cashmere sweater after soaking, squeeze it gently and pinch it gently, do not rub it, it will make the cashmere sweater pilling deformation, or wash it directly with the tap.

How to wash cashmere sweater without shrinking step 3: do not dehydrate, and squeeze it by hand

After cleaning, the cashmere sweater should not be squeezed out of water by screwing the button, which will easily lead to the deformation and shrinkage of the cashmere sweater. It is suggested that the cashmere sweater after washing should be rolled into a ball, and then the water in the cashmere sweater should be squeezed out by the edge of the basin.

How to wash cashmere sweater without shrinking step 4: dry towel to absorb water

Take out the cashmere sweater which has been squeezed out most of the moisture, find a large towel and lay it on the table, then open the washed cashmere sweater on the towel, roll up the towel, and then exert a little force to let the towel absorb the moisture of the cashmere sweater as much as possible, so that the cashmere sweater is similar to the steps of dehydration.

How to wash cashmere sweater without shrinking

After the previous step, the cashmere sweater is then laid flat to dry. Here, you can choose the clothes drying basket, which is convenient and practical. Several cashmere sweaters can be laid in layers at the same time. However, at the same time, it should be noted that the cashmere sweater should not be exposed to strong sunlight, otherwise the molecular structure of cashmere will be damaged, leading to irreversible deformation.

What to do after the cashmere sweater shrinks? The recovery method after the cashmere sweater shrinks: steam ironing

The shrunk cashmere sweater can be heated by steam iron. At this time, when it's hot, use both hands to pull it moderately according to the original shape. (it's better to record the size of the new cashmere sweater's chest and other places, which is conducive to the recovery effect.) because the heating area of steam iron is limited, it can be restored by the method of partial sections. Finally, it can be reshaped and recovered as a whole. The recovered cashmere sweater Cold water setting is enough.

Recovery method after cashmere sweater shrinkage II: thick cardboard

The shrunk cashmere sweater can be cut into the original size and shape with thick cardboard (cardboard of household appliance packing box), and the cut should be polished with sandpaper to avoid damaging the cashmere sweater. Then put the cashmere sweater on the cardboard, fix the lower foot with several clothes drying clips, pad towels, and iron repeatedly with a steam electric iron. Pay attention not to stay in the same position for too long, take it down after it cools down, and then it can be restored as before.