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How to clean woolen coat with lipstick? What to do if the double faced overcoat is dirty

in winter, many people like to wear woolen overcoats. Woolen overcoats are light and warm, but sometimes the double-sided overcoats are stained with lipstick or stains carelessly. What should I do?

How to apply lipstick to the double faced coat? You can use tissue paper to gently wipe it first, and then use lotion to wipe it. Because lipstick will be bigger and bigger, so wipe it carefully from outside to inside.

What to do if the coat is dirty

1. Coffee or black tea: towel can be used to dry and wring in time. If partner or milk is added, wipe with a small amount of detergent. If detained for a long time, wipe with vinegar.

2. Ice cream: first brush off the dry part with a small brush, then brush lightly with a brush dipped with detergent (be careful not to brush the pilling ball), and finally dry the towel with water and wring it gently.

3. Dairy products: wipe gently with a cloth soaked in hot water, and then wipe the residual grease with lotion. If it still can't be wiped off, try alcohol. When the dirt is cleaned, send it to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning.

4. Ink: after wiping with thin paper, wipe the paper repeatedly with vinegar.

5, lipstick, foundation: first wipe gently with tissue paper, then rub with lotion. Because lipstick will be bigger and bigger, so wipe it carefully from outside to inside.

6. Juice: when just touched, it can be wiped with cloth and warm water. If there are still stains, it can be wiped with lotion and alcohol.

7, wine, perfume: in order to prevent the spread, first sprinkle some salt on the top, then wipe it off with soft brush, and finally wipe the water with lotion or lotion or alcohol.

8. Soy sauce: use warm water, if it can not be decontaminated, use dilute ammonia or neutral detergent.