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Does darling eat sheep milk powder to be able to catch fire? Precautions and taboos of eating milk p

In many advertisements of goat milk powder, we can see advertisements such as "not on fire, easy to digest, not allergic". It's these advertisements that make mothers feel moved, so can you really eat goat milk powder without getting on fire? What are the precautions for babies to eat goat milk powder?

Will goat milk powder catch fire

Now the choice of milk powder is not only milk powder, but also sheep milk powder. However, compared with milk powder, the price of most goat milk powder will be more expensive, and because the heat of goat milk is higher than that of milk, some mothers are worried about whether eating goat milk powder will also catch fire. To answer this question, we have to talk about the concept of "getting angry".

"Shanghuo" is actually a popular saying among the people, but it can't be found in textbooks of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. If we explain it according to symptoms, Chinese medicine will understand "burning" as internal heat, while western medicine will understand it as inflammatory reaction. Parents often think that it is not easy for a baby to catch fire after eating a certain milk powder. In fact, it means that the stool character of the baby after eating this milk powder is better, and it will not cause constipation.

But parents need to understand that simple food doesn't cause fire. It's just about whether your diet is reasonable. Take milk powder as an example. It's easy to get angry when the baby eats milk powder. In fact, it has something to do with the nutrients in milk powder. In addition, it has something to do with factors such as over feeding, extra calcium supplement, the type of supplementary food added, and whether the water is enough.

The biggest difference between goat milk powder and milk powder is the source of protein, but this is not the root cause of the baby's fire. If parents want to solve the problem of baby eating milk powder, they need to find the reason from the way of feeding and formula of milk powder. That is to say, for eating sheep milk powder will be on fire, or oh.

Precautions for baby to eat goat milk powder

Of course, babies can still eat goat milk powder. In fact, no matter what formula of milk powder, as long as it meets the requirements of China's national food safety standards, it can be eaten. Don't worry. However, parents should understand several reasons when they give their babies milk powder from sheep to avoid being misled by businesses.

1. Many people say that eating goat milk powder won't cause allergy. In fact, it's not because the structure of some proteins in goat milk protein and milk protein is very similar. If the baby is allergic to this kind of protein, whether it's goat milk powder or milk powder, it will make the baby allergic.

2. Some people think that sheep milk powder has higher nutritional value than milk powder, which is also wrong. Because both goat's milk and milk need to be processed to make their nutrition close to that of human milk, so there is no problem of whose nutrition is high. Even though the nutrition of goat milk is higher than that of milk, it is unified in the process of breastfeeding.

3. Some people think that goat milk powder is easier to absorb, because the protein of goat milk powder is smaller. In fact, whether it's goat milk powder or milk powder, skimmed milk is used in the processing. The fat components in milk powder are all from vegetable oil with more reasonable formula. Moreover, whether it's easy to digest and absorb has nothing to do with the size of fat particles.

Generally speaking, the question of whether eating goat milk powder will catch fire is indeed. In fact, it's easy to catch fire no matter whether you eat milk powder or sheep milk powder. Parents must pay attention to feeding some water to the baby between meals, so it's not easy to catch fire.